Group LR 08 12 2015Cancer Exercise Service TeamThe Cancer Exercise Service Team is focused on serving individuals with a history of cancer. Whether through research that aims to find methods of improving patient support in the future or offering education and exercise experiences right now, our goal is to assist cancer patients and survivors in improving their health and well-being. Our exercise professionals can work with cancer care teams as necessary.

Our Cancer Exercise Trainer Service provides options for cancer survivors to have access to safe, effective exercise recommendations and personalized instruction from an ACSM/ACS Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer. We also periodically distribute exercise information through our Cancer Exercise Services Newsletter. Through these activities, UAB is enhancing supportive and ongoing care for cancer survivors.

In addition to our goal of increasing community access to our certified Cancer Exercise Trainers as a non-research activity, our team continues to research how to best use exercise to improve the lives of cancer survivors.