sherrivpGet Involved, Stay Connected and Give Back

Being a UAB Alum is one of life’s greatest gifts! Why? Because it means you have graduated from the UAB OT Program (a major accomplishment), and you are prepared to support your career development as an occupational therapist! It also means that you now have the opportunity to get involved with the OT Alumni Chapter and the UAB National Alumni Society (NAS). Being involved with these organizations will give you the gift of staying connected with your university, faculty and other graduates. You will have the opportunity to celebrate UAB’s victories and successes in education, research, the arts, athletics and health care, just to name a few. You will also have the opportunity to join other OT graduates in continuing education events and the chance to spread the word in the community about the impact of your education at UAB.

As a three-time graduate of UAB, past president of the OT Student Association, past president of the MPA Alumni Chapter and past president of the UAB National Alumni Society, I have had multiple opportunities to stay connected with UAB since graduation. I can promise you that my life is richer because of my involvement in alumni activities and because I stayed connected with UAB.

Because of my close ties to the NAS and my love of the OT Department, I want to encourage you to get involved in the OT chapter and stay connected with other graduates and faculty. Your involvement in the OT chapter and in the NAS will provide opportunities that will positively impact your career and your life. When I think of the significant people who have made a difference in my life, I realize that I met most of these people at UAB through my educational experiences and through alumni activities.

When you have the ability to do so, I encourage you to give back to the OT Department to support scholarships and research. I have found that when I give of my time and resources, l always receive so much more than I give. As an OT, you will touch lives in ways that you can only imagine. Your involvement in your alumni chapter will bring many unexpected opportunities your way. You will stay involved, connected and you will touch the future of occupational therapy.

To join the Occupational Therapy Alumni Chapter and the NAS or to make a donation to the OT Department, please contact Stacey McElrath or our OT Chapter President Kyle Horn, OTR/L.

I look forward to seeing you at the next alumni event!

Go Blazers!

Thank you,

Sherri Van Pelt, MPA, OTR/L