Research Thrust: Understanding what brain plasticity means with and without a head injury.

Basic research: What are the biological mechanisms for learning and recovery from a structural and functional perspective? 

Applied Research: How do we use this information to develop products such as serious games and rehabilitation protocols.

How: NIRS and EEG as brain based mapping tools; Virtual reality as simulated spaces

Why: Validated measures will assist with developing training tools (e.g., military and medical) that effectively and efficiently impart knowledge, skills, and abilities personal need for their employment; develop effective rehabilitation protocols that lend to predictive measures of return to life (home and work).

NOTE: Learning and training may not be construed as similar from a brain space perspective : Basic research question is, what is the biological mechanism of learning and can training be dissociated and operationally defined? The brain in this case is the coordinated networks of neurons firing in such a way as to map onto learning, either in one-trial experiences or over time.