Deanna Rumble, M.S. and Christopher Hurt, Ph.D.Deanna Rumble, M.S. and Christopher Hurt, Ph.D.The focus of the work in this UAB stroke research lab is directed toward the understanding of neuromusculoskeletal control during active movement in individuals post-stroke. In particular, studies seek to understand the control mechanisms underlying locomotor behavior in individuals with post-stroke hemiplegia.

Current projects with post-stroke populations involve examination of spinal reflex modulation during locomotion, the study of motor adaptation to specific biomechanical constraints, and the development of a new framework for identifying specific locomotor impairments that result in walking dysfunction.

Interested in participating? Email or call 205-975-3592.

Past and current funding include: The Foundation of Physical Therapy, Veteran’s Association, The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, The American Heart AssociationThe National Science Foundation and The National Institutes of Health.


David A. Brown, Ph.D., PT
Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Program Director, Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Sciences Program

Christopher Hurt, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral fellow

Deanna Rumble, MS Psychology
Ph.D. candidate (UAB)

Sarah Graham, MA Rehabilitation Science
Ph.D. candidate (UAB)

Avantika Naidu, PT
Ph.D. student (UAB)

Adam Wieckert
Ph.D. student (UAB)

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Jennifer Uzochukwu, MS Kinesiology


John Lowman, Ph.D., PT
Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy

Jerome Higgs, Ph.D., DPT Student

Valdeci C. Dionisio, Ph.D., PT
Visiting Scholar from Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil


Ender Ayvat, PT 

Carmen Capo-Lugo, Ph.D., PT

Jing Nong Liang, Ph.D., PT

Christopher Mullens, Ph.D.