The UAB Graduate Certificate in Health Focused Patient/Client Management for Physical and Occupational Therapists is designed to prepare PTs and OTs for expanding roles in the areas of prevention, health promotion, and wellness. Health Focused Patient/Client Management is the integration of health promotion and education methods in OT and PT practice to create a holistic approach to enhance patient/client wellness and quality of life.

The ultimate goal of the certificate is to enable graduates to develop and implement clinical and community programs to address lifestyle and behavior factors that underlie many chronic diseases.  Emphasis will be placed on program development for persons with chronic diseases and/or disabilities. The concepts addressed in the certificate program are applicable across the patient/client lifespan and in a variety of practice settings.  Course assignments emphasize practical application of the material.  For more details, see the program objectives and expected student outcomes.

The certificate program is designed for the working clinician or educator. The curriculum is offered entirely via distance education and includes 15 credit hours, currently in the format of five, 3- credit required courses.  Students enroll in one course per semester and may begin the program in the spring, summer, or fall term.  Contact the Program Coordinator for current tuition and fees.   

For further information, please contact:
Diane Clark, PT, DScPT, MBA, DPT Program Director
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Department of Physical Therapy
1720 2nd Avenue South
SHPB 346
Birmingham, AL 35294-1212
Phone: 205-934-0419
Fax: 205-975-7787


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