Program Objectives

1.  Increase patient/client access to health focused care with the intent to improve health, wellness, and quality of life.
2.  Increase the awareness, knowledge, and skills of physical therapists and occupational therapists regarding the need for health focused care on an individual and community basis.
3.  Increase the practice of health focused patient/client management by physical and occupational therapists at the individual and community level.

Expected Student Outcomes

Students completing the program will demonstrate expertise in:

1.  Identifying patients/clients with health risk factors and modifiable behaviors to reduce those risks.
2.  Communicating with physical and occupational therapy patients/clients who are at risk for preventable health issues and to determine their readiness to change related behaviors.
3.  Implementing physical and occupational therapy strategies to increase patients’/clients’ readiness to change.
4.  Designing individual health focused physical and occupational therapy interventions, including consultation, referral, communication, and coordination with other healthcare professionals as needed within the scope of practice, to enable the patients/clients to make behavioral changes.
5.  Developing health focused physical and occupational therapy community programs to meet the needs of specific populations.
6.  Integrating health focused physical and occupational therapy skills within current professional practices.