vogtleLaura K. Vogtle, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
Professor and Program Director, Postprofessional Master’s Program in Occupational Therapy

Office Phone:  205-934-7326
Office Fax:  205-975-7787
Office Location:  SHPB 338

Deparment(s) and Affiliations

Occupational Therapy

Areas of Research
Pain and fatigue management in adults with cerebral palsy; transition of children with chronic health conditions to adult care; benefits of physical activity on occupation; health promotion in persons with chronic and congenital health conditions.

Focus of Research
The focus of my work is addressing secondary conditions, environmental factors that alleviate and facilitate suchvogtle_research conditions, and their impact on life occupations in adults with conditions of childhood, such as cerebral palsy.  Physical activity is the intervention used in my work to address such conditions as fatigue, pain, mood and cognition.  Through collaboration with Lakeshore Foundation and United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham, the efficacy of physical activity as an adjunct to fatigue in particular has been identified.  Through qualitative studies, physical activity has been identified as a key factor in improving activities of daily living performance and work performance.  The next goal is to study differences between people with disabilities who do and do not engage in regular physical activity.

Past and current funding sources include CDC, OSEP, CP International Research Foundation and Hearst Foundation.

Recent and Selected Publications
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