Winter-Spring Seminars

Four seminars (January-April) will be held in conjunction with the the main conference for UA System faculty and staff.  These seminars will be hosted on-campus by UA, UAB or UAHuntsville and also streamed live to allow the other campuses to participate.  

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January - Blackboard

January 26, 2012  10:00a-3:00p (CST) Blackboard Exemplary Course Program..Are your courses up for the challenge?  

Nominate and/or prepare your online or blended course for the Exemplary Course Program 2012 Award!  This award recognizes individuals whose courses demonstrate best practices in four major areas: Course Design, Interaction & Collaboration, Assessment, and Learner Support. Courses are evaluated by a peer group of Blackboard/Vista/Angel clients.  The Blackboard Exemplary Course Program allows faculty to have courses reviewed by peers and receive extensive feedback on their courses. It will further provide recognition to faculty for outstanding pedagogical, instructional, and technological practices. 

In this workshop, Dr. David Graf,  Exemplary Course Program Director will :

·  Review the exemplary course program rubric and previous exemplary course winners

·   Provide participants with an opportunity  to evaluate a sample courses 

·  Guide participants in preparing an application for a course nomination to the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program award.  

At the end of the workshop, participants will also possess the knowledge to evaluate their own courses. 

New users of the virtual course environment are welcomed too even if you don't want to prepare your course for nomination to the ECP!

Individual consultation and review sessions can be scheduled with the Exemplary Course Program Director, Dr. Graf 

You may view previous winners of this program at the Exemplary Course Program  website (, including divisions by discipline and university. Or  learn more about the program, including exemplary course criteria and submission details, here (

UAB :  CTL  in ETS238 

UA:  109C Lloyd Hall

UAHuntsville: Room 233, Salmon Library, Faculty Resource Center (FRC)

Hosted by The University of Alabama at Birmingham

February - UA

February 23, 2012 2:00-3:00p (CST)  

A Case Study of How Instructional Technology Helped Students Complete Courses Following the Devastating April 2011 Tornadoes: An Academic Continuity Story

On April 27th, 2011 the city of Tuscaloosa was devastated by a large tornado that passed just blocks from the University of Alabama campus.  Once the scale of the destruction was realized, it was announced that UA would suspend classes for the remainder of the semester.  A variety of online instructional resources and other tools allowed for the continuation of coursework at a time when face-to-face instruction was not possible. Join members from the UA Center for Instructional Technology, Arts & Sciences eTech, and the distance education program in the College of Continuing Studies for a discussion about challenges associated with maintaining academic continuity and what instructional support units and instructors can do to be prepared for the potential of future disasters.

UAB: CTL  in ETS238

UA:  109C Lloyd Hall


Hosted by The University of Alabama

March - UAB

March 29, 2012 10:30-11:30a (CST)  

Vision Impairment and Educational Technology

Vision impairment is common and can make it difficult for affected students to take advantage of educational technology. Conversely, technology has given rise to ‘assistive technology’ that facilitates accessibility in some surprising and interesting ways. This multimedia-rich presentation will help you understand how the two interact.  It will cover common visual disorders and the visual consequences of those disorders along with resources and best practices to make your course accessible.

UAB: CTL  in ETS238



Hosted by The University of Alabama at Birmingham

April - UAH

April 11, 2012  10:00-11:30a (CST) 

Using Technology to Create Collaborative Environments

Description:There are numerous software applications and hardware tools that can be used to foster collaboration. How do you choose the best tools to meet your objectives? Join us as selected UAHuntsville faculty and staff detail best practices in case-based outcomes in collaborative environments for the classroom, campus, and greater academic community.

Presenters: Dr. Matthew Turner and Mr. Daniel Horton


UAB: CTL  in ETS238

UA: 109C Lloyd Hall

UAHuntsville:  Room 233, Salmon Library, Faculty Resource Center (FRC)

Hosted by UAHunstville