Sim 1

The Sim 1 course is designed for all faculty and staff who are interested in using simulation as a teaching tool for improving clinical practice. This course focuses on the theoretical foundations of simulation, as well as research-based strategies for designing scenarios and conducting effective debriefings. Faculty and staff will have the opportunity to participate in short didactic sessions and a variety of simulations throughout this half day course.

Next course offerings:

Date Time Location
January 30, 2018 8am -12:30pm Quarterback Tower 320
March 8, 2018 8am -12:30pm Quarterback Tower 320
May 11, 2018 8am -12:30pm Quarterback Tower 320
September 12, 2018 11:30am -4pm Quarterback Tower 320
November 8, 2018 8am -12:30pm Quarterback Tower 320

Sim 1 & Sim 2 are offered at NO cost to those within the UAB Simulation Consortium.

Non-UAB/External registrants: Sim 1 - $295
Please make checks out to "UAB-OIPS" and mail to:

UAB-Office of Interprofessional Simulation
625 19th Street South - Jefferson Tower 258
Birmingham, AL 35233

Cancellation Policy
Employees within the UAB Simulation Consortium - Please let us know 24 hours in advance if you are not able to attend. To cancel or reschedule contact or (205) 975-4169.

Non-UAB/External registrants - Please read the full cancellation policy here.
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