SimEducator I

The SimEducator I course is designed for all faculty and staff who are interested in using simulation as a teaching tool for improving clinical practice. This course will focus on the theoretical foundation of immersive simulation, as well as research-based strategies for designing scenarios and conducting effective debriefings. Short didactic sessions and a variety of simulations will be incorporated throughout this half day course, where faculty and staff will have the opportunity to participate.

Next course offerings:

•March 6, 2015 (8AM-1PM), location QBT 320 This class is full. Please email to be placed on 
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•April 27, 2015 (8AM-1PM), location QBT 320  Register

•June 18, 2015 (8AM-1PM), location QBT 320  Register   

•July 21, 2015 (8AM-1PM), location QBT 320   Register

SimEducator II

The SimEducator II course is designed for all faculty and staff who have completed SimEducator I or participated in the 2013 Summer Series, sponsored by the Office of Interprofessional Simulation. This course is designed for individuals who regularly use simulation as a teaching tool and want to gain advanced knowledge in scenario design, debriefing strategies, confederate training, and current research in the field of simulation. Faculty and staff will work together during this half day course to come up with solutions to common issues in simulation, as well as participate in short didactic sessions and simulations.

Next course offerings:

•March 19, 2015 (8AM-4PM), location QBT 320 Register

•April 30, 2015 (8AM-4PM), location QBT 320    Register

•July 23, 2015 (8AM-4PM), location QBT 320     Register