Enabling Technology Lab

Established by Dr. Bharat Soni from the School of Engineering, the lab is equipped with hardware and software infrastructure to facilitate the development of virtual and mixed reality education/training centered on science based simulations. His group has developed medical applications such as viewing a heart from inside the organ and an anatomy training tool using immersive visualization. This “visualization cube” is the latest expansion of the school’s computer imaging and simulation capabilities, and with the potential to lead to revolutionary advances in medicine, rehabilitation, emergency management, training and education. Dr. Soni’s group has developed several collaborations with health care researchers and practitioners at UAB. In particular, Dr. Soni is currently collaborating with Dr. Jeff Kerby from the Department of Surgery to develop a mixed reality environment to enhance an existing parachute jumper training program for Air Force Surgeons funded by the Department of Defense. Computational simulation and higher dimensional visualization and virtual/mixed reality have largely been untapped to date but will be important components of future simulation activities.