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Computer Setup Guide for Canvas as of 02/11/2016

It is important that you prepare your computer to be configured properly while using Canvas. Please use the information below to make adjustments to your computer.

There are five main sections to verifying that your computer is properly configured - Browser Setup, Java Check, Citrix GoToMeeting/GoToTraining, MS Office, & Plug-ins.

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Browser Setup

Because it's built using web standards, Canvas runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other device with a modern web browser. Canvas supports the last two versions of every browser release.

If you pass all checks listed below, you should be able to use the main features of Canvas.





For a list of supported Browsers, please refer to the Canvas Guide for Browsers.

*If you recieve the "Warning" indicator it means you are currently running a newer version than Canvas currently supports.

java icon

Java Check


The Java plug-in is required for screen sharing in the Conferences Tool. Please note that some browsers do not support Java.

The official UAB campus supported version is 1.7.72 or newer. Other versions may work, but if you're experiencing problems, you may try uninstalling and reinstalling Java from the Java Website.

If more than one version is listed, we recommended you remove the older version(s) to eliminate potential security vulnerabilities, Java Unistall Tool.

More information can be found on our Java Support page.

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Citrix GoToMeeting/GoToTraining

Citrix is a platform of tools that provides synchronous video and audio interaction, display, and collaborative tools for online and blended courses.

To access Citrix GoToTraining/GoToMeeting within Canvas, please click on the “Virtual Classroom” link located on the left navigation panel of your course. 

To test your connection prior to joining please visit the Citrix Support page.


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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office is the UAB campus supported office document software and is required for all documents submitted within your distance accessible courses.

Microsoft Office is a suite of applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access (for creating databases). In an effort to better serve our students UAB has moved all student email from UAB's central Exchange system to Microsoft's Office 365 system. This change not only upgrades your @UAB email account but will also provide access to new features such as Microsoft Office (download), OneDrive web storage and web apps

More information on how to download Office 365 can be found on the UAB IT Website.

puzzle icon for plug-ins


ProctorU is a live online proctoring service used for designated quizzes, tests & exams, that allows you to complete your assessment at home while still ensuring the integrity of the exam for the institution.

ProctorU online proctoring works with both PC and Mac operating systems. No software install. Use your own computer and webcam!

Check the technical requirements page to make sure your computer and web camera meet the requirements. 

To test your connection prior to joining please visit the ProctorU Test It Out page.

puzzle icon for plug-ins


Plug-ins are third party applications that enable extended functionality to your browser.

Important Note: The optional plugins are needed for playing some audio/video content in some courses. It is recommend that you have at least one current media player installed so that you can access audio/video content in your course.

*Not all browsers will display if plug-ins are installed. Please verify by visiting the plug-ins site.

Plugin Installed Version Get Plug-in
Flash Icon Adobe Flash Download
SWF Icon Adobe Shockwave Download
PDF Icon Adobe Reader Download
QuickTime Icon Apple QuickTime (optional) Download
RealPlayer Icon RealPlayer (optional) Download
Windows Media Icon Windows Media Player (optional) Download