Congratulations to the 2017 UAB Say It In 6 competition first place winner: Ms. Nada Al-Assi! What is the UAB Say It In 6 competition? Students from across the university were asked to tell a creative story or event in six words. The students are required to submit a photo or some form of art that represents their story. There were 10 categories that students could be placed in that include: America, humor, UAB, knowledge, identity, talent, resilience, health, home and love. The top winner from each category was considered as the finalist and the runner-up received an honorable mention for their respective category. The finalists competed for 1st place, 2nd place and People's Choice. For more information on this unique competition offered through the UAB Graduate School, please click here.


Ms. Al-Assi is currently a junior at UAB, where she is majoring in public health (minor in Spanish). Ms. Al-Assi hopes to pursue the MPH fast track program and apply in fall 2017. Ms. Al-Assi is looking to complete the fast track curriculum through the Department of Epidemiology, with a concentration in global health. Ms. Al-Assi's long term goal is to work with an organization that addresses health issues surrounding malnutrition and obesity.  


Nada Al Assi Website Photo"Picked a great year to travel"-Nada Al-Assi Say It In 6 story

Niranjan Gowda, a MPH student, received an honorable mention in the 'Resilience' category. Mr. Biligowda is interested in studying the changing trends of chronic disease. He is working on making health care effective and accessile to everyone in developing countries. Mr. Gowda discovered the Say It In 6 competition through a friend.

"My friend told me about say it in 6 and it was a great experience being a part of it. She always told me I capture beauty and spirit among simple things around us. I believe there is some'thing' in no'thing'. The world is colorful and there is something for everyone. what we choose is up to us and when we do there is no such disability that can withhold your ability."-Niranjan Biligowda

"There is ability in every disability"