New software makes educational materials more accessible in developing nations

The Sparkman Center for Global Health has partnered with developers in Zambia and Ethiopia to develop a software solution to address two challenges in developing nations: lack of textbooks or educational resources and lack of internet. “We looked for alternative solutions to provide educational resources for students in these two countries, but found they were not effective,” said Craig Wilson, M.D., professor in the UAB School of Public Health. “Our students even collected textbooks to take to Africa, but they were both heavy and expensive to transport. We began looking for alternative modes of delivery. The new software is cost-effective and practical in delivering educational materials to an area with limited resources, like Zambia and Ethiopia, and potentially parts of rural Alabama.” 



To read more on this ground-breaking software, view the official UAB News article here:

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Content above written by: Alicia Rohan, UAB News

Rohan, Alicia. “New software makes educational materials more accessible in developing nations.” UAB News. UAB News, 10 October 2017. Web. 10 October 2017.