Think Globall Act Locally"One of the many motivational and inspirational posters at SIFAT"- Angela Monahan (May 2-week course)


During the months of May and August annually, students embark on a global health and development journey to learn about challenges that pertain to food and nutrition, water and sanitation, and alternative energies in developing countries. The Southern Institute for Appropriate Technology (SIFAT) field course provides an opportunity for students to gain hands-on skills with various appropriate technologies that are used to combat malnutrition and sanitation challenges in low and middle-income countries (LMIC). SIFAT also covers topics such as microenterprise development, conflict resolution and cross-cultural training. There are two field course options for SIFAT: May (2-week course) and August (1-week course). Students can receive academic credit for both courses. The May course is a total of 6 credit hours; the August course is 3 credit hours. To learn more about SIFAT, check out their website here. To learn more about the 2017 SIFAT student experience, check out the photos and blurbs below:


Monahan Angela SIFAT Pic 2"Making Moringa Powder pasta for the next days' lunch! We had to knead the dough together with the Morgina powder, and put it through the pasta maker many times to make it as flat as possible."- Angela Monahan (May 2-week course)

"The 2-week SIFAT course was one of the most humbling and eye-opening experiences I’ve ever had. It started out very shaky; I was completely out of my comfort zone...We worked all day, every day, inside and out, until about 9-10 PM. I quickly became more comfortable at SIFAT with our busy schedules that quickened the time, and from the stories I heard from the Universidad Nacional de Agricultura (UNA) students, the founders of SIFAT, and even from UAB students. At SIFAT, we had many great speakers join us. One of my favorite speakers and teachers at SIFAT were Leaf for Life founders, David and Therese Kennedy. They taught us all about the power of leafy greens and their concentrates, and even helped us make leaf dryers and Moringa powder pasta and cookies, which were delicious!"

-Angela Monahan (May 2-week course)


Monahan Angela SIFAT Pic 3"Students from the Universidad Nacional de Agricultura gave multiple presentations about their school and the different countries they are from"- Angela Monahan (May 2-week course)



"Over summer semester 2017, I completed the two week SIFAT course, and it was definitely a life changing experience. Before arriving at SIFAT, I was a bit nervous mostly because I didn’t know what to expect. At the same time, I was really excited for this opportunity because I’ve always wanted to expand my knowledge on appropriate technologies and hunger. SIFAT did not disappoint my expectations. Those two weeks at SIFAT were life changing. During SIFAT, I learned about so many different topics such as urban gardening and the importance of leaf powder. We also learned how to make actual technology such as solar lead dryers and water pumps. Another aspect of SIFAT that I really enjoyed was making friends with international students and really learning about their culture. I ate a lot of homemade corn tortillas in those two weeks, and they were absolutely delicious. After SIFAT I felt empowered. After SIFAT, I now confidently feel that I can take the concepts, skills and appropriate technologies that I learned and implement them in communities. "


- Aseel Hajazin (Senior, Public Health - Global & Environmental Health concentration)



 Hajazin Aseel SIFAT Pic 1"This is a photo of the SIFAT farm. This is where we learned about different topics such as urban gardening and composting" - Aseel Hajazin (May 2-week course)


Hajazin Aseel SIFAT Pic 6 "In this photo, we were learning how to make a solar leaf dryer that make leaf powder" - Aseel Hajazin (May 2-week course)


Monahan Angela SIFAT Pic 8Learning how to make a proper fire in a Rocket Stove - Photo credit: Angela Monahan (May 2-week course)


Hajazin Aseel SIFAT Pic 3Black bean leafs being dried in the solar leaf dryer - Photo credit: Aseel Hajazin (May 2-week course)


Monahan Angela SIFAT Pic 1"This was the bridge we would cross to get to our dorm. The river underneath was incredibly beautiful and we would often spy turtles sitting on rocks" - Angela Monahan (May 2-week course)

Hajazin Aseel SIFAT Pic 5Spaghetti made with leaf powder - Photo credit: Aseel Hajazin (May 2-week course)

Monahan Angela SIFAT Pic 4"For a group assignment, we had to talk with a partner and map their community. We mapped Christian's community in Santa Cruz, El Salvador"- Angela Monahan (May 2-week course)