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Aura Literary Arts Review is an award-winning creative literary magazine that is published through the Student Media division of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The publication is led and run by UAB students from various departments including English, communications, foreign languages, computer science, biology, and more.

Our goal is to  promote creative artists and give them the recognition they deserve. We also seek to provide opportunities for growth and learning for artists. We host events throughout the school year, feature artists’ work online, and release a literary magazine each fall and spring semester.

The pieces in our magazine are produced by UAB students, faculty, and staff as well as Birmingham artists and artists around the country.  We accept entries of the following types: art, essay, music lyrics, photography, play script ,poetry, and short story (fiction and non-fiction).

Now that you know about us, show us your Aura.

Aura Staff
Editor-in-Chief — Jeral Lavender II

Assistant Editor-in-Chief — Taylor Stewart

Copy Editor — Allison Craig and Taylor Graves
     Allison is majoring in English Literature and will hopefully edit books for Scribner House Publishing one day. She spends most time zoning out at poetry slams, tending to her plant children, making coffee, and letting it get cold.

     Taylor is majoring in Psychology and Linguistics with the goal to be a translator and speech pathologist. She loves writing and listening to spoken word performances. She also enjoys music, soending time with friends and napping.

Short Story Editor — Alice Grissom and Brent Powell
Thrilled to be working with Aura in her freshman year, Alice intends to pursue the literary arts through majors in History and English with a concentration in linguistics.  As the study of words and their uses intrigue her greatly, she can usually be found hiding with a cup of coffe behind a book in her spare time. 

Poetry Editor  Sarah Baldwin and Cody Dyer
     Cody is a graduate student at the Ryal's School of Public Health in hopes of becoming an Epidemiologist. He is most interested in photography and writing poetry, often combining the two. When time allows it, he enjoys a good fiction novel, a cup of coffee and intramural sports.

Art and Photogrpahy Editor — Luiza Lage
Luiza is a majoring in English with a concentration in Literature and in Art History. She is involved with the Birmingham Museum of Art and spends her free time there looking at the new collections. She also enjoys listening to music and reading.

Social Media Coordinator — Jennifer Roberts
     Jennifer is a Junior double majoring in English Literature and Psychology. In her free time she enjoys rereading Harry Potter, being outside, and cuddling with her dog, Tater. 

Event Coordinator — Melodi Lewis
      Melodi is a Secondary Education: English major and aspires to be a Teaching English as a Second Language Instructor. She is passionate about languages and lives with constant travel fever. When not with her head in a book, she is writing for the Professional Writing Club, playing and making music and poetry, and making people smile.  

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Aura Literary Arts Review is a student literary arts journal produced by students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Aura’s Awards and Accomplishments:

  • Pacemaker winner 2006
  • CPSA Silver Crown 2005-2006-2007