• Healthy Recipe Corner: Quiche

    Shelby Morris - Staff Writer

    QUICHE RGBPhoto by Shelby MorrisStruggling to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet? This tasty treat is a great morning pick me up and can be frozen, so it can last all week, if need be.

    Cooking time
    : 35 min.
    Serves: 2 pies, 12 servings

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  • Alex's Coffee Column: Blazer Beans

    Alex Merril - Social Media Editor

    Pourover RGBThe Clever Coffee Dripper is an inexpensive pourover device (Photo by Sarah Adkins).You do not need fancy, expensive equipment to enjoy excellent coffee—in fact, everything you need is dorm room approved.

    First, you will need a way to heat water. I prefer to use an electric kettle. Electric kettles can be found at Target for as little as $15. If you have a larger budget or want to be able to heat more water at a time, you could also get an electric hot water dispenser for around $50.
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  • Magnolia BBQ & Fish: A young owner with an old soul

    Alex Merril - Social Media Editor

    Magnolia Advertorial RGBA rib plate from Magnolia BBQ next to their first place trophy (Photo by Cooper Crippen).Magnolia BBQ & Fish is the sort of hole-in-the-wall restaurant that you might overlook if you were not intentionally seeking it. But, like most unassuming local restaurants, the food and the atmosphere help set it apart as a local hotspot.

    Located on 4th Avenue North between 17th and 18th Street, the restaurant is vying for a position as a new Birmingham classic. Owner Tyrone Cook says that his goal was to have a barbecue restaurant open in Birmingham by the time he turned twenty-five. Read more...  
  • Spring broke: a [kinda] thrifty vacation guide

    Brandon Varner - Features Editor

    New Orleans BWRanjani Ponnazhagan, Lena Zhang, Donna Andrews, Asia Sullivan, Ali Massoud and Yamani Bhat in New Orleans (Photo courtesy of Yamani Bhat).Spring Break for the University of Alabama at Birmingham lasts from March 23 through the 27. However, the party starts as soon as classes are out on Friday, March 20. It may be a bit overwhelming to plan for these trips with so many options, and you may not have any way of gauging the expenses of the trips. Hopefully, this article will help you make some of the tough decisions about where you are going and how you are getting there.
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