• Watts announces football’s return

    Mark Linn-News Editor

    Fox 6 Rally June 1

    UAB President Ray Watts announced at a press conference on Monday, June 1 that the UAB football, bowling and rifle programs are to be reinstated in light of broad community and financial support.
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  • In the next issue: FIDLAR and METZ at Workplay

    Brandon Varner - Managing Editor

    FIDLAR teaser photoFIDLAR performs on stage at Workplay. (Photo by Ted Gress)
    FIDLAR and METZ are two very loud bands.

    Not that it's a bad thing.
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  • Football decision already made?

    Casey Marley - Editor-in-Chief

    Letter From the Editor This afternoon, President Ray Watts, MD announced that he has not reached a decision about the revival of UAB’s football program, but that he will “make the best decision for UAB, guided by our vision, mission and strategic plan” by June 1. 

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  • Ingram named Athletic Director

    Brandon Varner - Managing Editor

    Mark Ingram with President Watts Ingram responds to questions from the press (photo by Brandon Varner). This past Monday, May 5, 2015, UAB announced Mark Ingram, as the school's new Athletic Director. The hire follows a search in which UAB's hiring committee received 48 applications for the position. After a process of whittling down the pack through off-site interviews and day-long tours by applicants, three applications were forwarded to President Ray Watts for a final decision. Ingram comes to UAB from his previous position as the executive senior associate athletics director at Temple University. Read more...  
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