1. Macaroni and Cheese is disgusting. I don't care who cooks it. You are welcome to eat it on Thanksgiving, but don't bring it near my house.

2. There is a crisis if there is no cranberry sauce somewhere on the table. It has to be there. And the answer is yes, you can eat cranberry sauce simply by itself. Maybe even for dessert.

3. Stuffing and dressing are the same thing. I'm willing to actually fight about this. The only thing different is the shape. It tastes the same. If you eat stuffing, then you eat dressing, and vice versa.

4. The television must always be on football. Make sure that you are in a prime position to eat in front of the tv, because it is allowed on this glorious. If anyone tries to change the television, their hand should be red from a smack.

5. Take a nap after you eat. It is acceptable if that nap is 2 hours long. Make sure that you are comfortable.

6. Make your take home plate right after you make your first plate. That way, there is no complaint about there not being any food when you want leftovers later.

7. After your nap, get ready to go Black Friday shopping. Black Friday has essentially become Black Thanksgiving Night. And let's be honest, all of the deals will be gone in the morning.

8. You cannot put your Christmas decorations up until after Black Friday. This is Thanksgiving's time. Let her have her holiday without all of you looking ahead to December.

9. If I see a picture of your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd plate on Social Media, you are obligated to bring me, DJ Swole, a piece of the Thanksgiving meal. Whether it is turkey, potato salad, or cranberry sauce, there should be a piece reserved for me. And if you bring Mac and Cheese, we will throw hands.

10. Dress nicely for dinner. Do not come to dinner with a tank top and sweatpants looking like a GTA created character. It's too cold for that and you will be dismissed.

11. Hug everybody that's in the house when you get there. It's polite.

12. If dinner starts at 3 p.m., get there at 3:15. You know the food won't be ready at 3 anyway.

13. When it's time to say grace, pick the person that won't turn it into altar call. Someone who definitely thanks God, but also understands that everyone is hungry.

14. If someone comes in to grab a plate and then leave, you have to side eye them the whole time. Unless they have to work.

15. Be grateful. Be thankful for the people surrounding you and loving you, and for the blessing to have a lot of food to eat while watching tv. Be grateful for the fact that you have the privilege to go and shop for the next holiday, and be aware that the privileges you have on this wonderful holiday are not available to a lot of people around the world. So count your blessing.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Track Takes: What Makes Bruno Mars Great

BrunoHe’s been around for years now, and his magnificent night at the Grammys this year makes him seem as if he’s on top of the world. He’s been able to make waves in the R&B and Pop realms and has even managed to work with some of the biggest Hip-Hop artists of our generation. To understand exactly how Bruno Mars became probably the biggest name in music today, one has to look at all aspects of his outstanding career.

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Birmingham Big Battle - Spring Fest Battle Royale!

Birmingham Big Battle

We've got a brawl for all!

- Jared Chesnut, Operations Manager/DJ, UAB BlazeRadio

It's been generating some buzz on campus and online, so we're gonna give you a heads up: BlazeRadio is teaming up with Hot 107.7 to proudly present Khalid to perform at UAB to close out Spring Fest on Saturday! That said, there's still a space free for an opening act, and when the topic came up, it only made sense to handle this the one way I knew how: The 1st Annual Birmingham Big Battle's Battle Royale!

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Super Bowl LI: The Commercials

Super Bowl

- DJ MB-BlazeRadio DJ

So, news broke earlier this week that during Sunday’s broadcast of the Super Bowl, cleaning brand Mr. Clean will be debuting a new model for their campaign. Mr. Clean has been the same man for the past sixty years, so it is definitely interesting to see a new face portray the model for the famous cleaning product. Plus, what better way to make his debut than during the 51st Super Bowl? This brings to mind the idea of what other famous campaigns and advertisements have gotten a boost with the airing of the Super Bowl.

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BlazeRadio Predicts the Super Bowl

Super Bowl

- DJ Swole-The DJ and Swole Show

It's Super Bowl Sunday! Time for friends and family to gather and celebrate and eat a ton of food, watch commercials, and gather around a 50 inch tv. Leading up to the big game, most will ask the opinions of their peers and co workers about their opinions. Well at BlazeRadio, we did the same thing. We asked our DJ's who they thought would win the game and why, and also asked them to give a score prediction as well. Here's what they said.

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