Capture.JPGWe've got a brawl for all!Jared ChesnutOperations Manager/DJ, UAB BlazeRadio

It's been generating some buzz on campus and online, so we're gonna give you a heads up: BlazeRadio is teaming up with Hot 107.7 to proudly present Khalid to perform at UAB to close out Spring Fest on Saturday! That said, there's still a space free for an opening act, and when the topic came up, it only made sense to handle this the one way I knew how: The 1st Annual Birmingham Big Battle's Battle Royale!

Super BowlDJ MB-BlazeRadio DJ

So, news broke earlier this week that during Sunday’s broadcast of the Super Bowl, cleaning brand Mr. Clean will be debuting a new model for their campaign.  Mr. Clean has been the same man for the past sixty years, so it is definitely interesting to see a new face portray the model for the famous cleaning product. Plus, what better way to make his debut than during the 51st Super Bowl? This brings to mind the idea of what other famous campaigns and advertisements have gotten a boost with the airing of the Super Bowl.          

Super BowlIt's Super Bowl Sunday! Time for friends and family to gather and celebrate and eat a ton of food, watch commercials, and gather around a 50 inch tv. Leading up to the big game, most will ask the opinions of their peers and co workers about their opinions. Well at BlazeRadio, we did the same thing. We asked our DJ's who they thought would win the game and why, and also asked them to give a score prediction as well. Here's what they said.

Resized PosterDJ Swole - BlazeRadio General Manager/DJ

Hello Friends. It is now the time of the year when we stuff our faces with turkey, bruise our neighbors to save 50 dollars on a new television for Black Friday, and watch a ton of football. However, most of us don't take time to realize what the rules are for the holiday season. Fear not! For I, DJ Swole am here to help you with 15 rules to follow this Thanksgiving season.

Resized PosterDJ 2 Times - BlazeRadio DJ

Fall is in full affect and its time to get ready for the winter season.  While you are out shopping for early Christmas presents or out to getting that big fat Thanksgiving turkey make sure you stay warm. More specifically I want you guys to be extra cozy next to a warm fire with your cup of coffee and a copy of A$AP Mobs Cozy Tape playing melodically throughout your home.

World Series Boxing RingWorld Series Boxing Ring. Photo by Glenn Francis of courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.Jared Chesnut - BlazeRadio DJ/Operations Manager

After a strong showing in his first defense of the belt, Shaun Judah returns to take on his upcoming opponent, one of Birmingham hip hop's up and coming names, Sage Williams.

Wrestling ringSlam Wrestling training ring. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.Jared Chesnut - BlazeRadio DJ/Operations Manager

With a single vote separating defending champ Kenny Loften and the challenging Shaun Judah, experience narrowly edged out youth as Judah took the decision at the bell. This week's battle will see an interesting contrast in styles (because, as they say, "styles make fights") as Judah defends against Birmingham trio Wray.