We the People have been robbed.  The immature, childish actions of PBJ and the boys in demolishing UAB football is incomprehensible - absolutely criminal. They are guilty of malfeasance, duress, undue influence, theft, destroying public property, state code violations, etal and etc., etc. Equally guilty are our political, social, economic and religious leaders. They blatantly plead guilty by their silence. They function without fear of consequences. They are masters of deceit and thrive on corruption. They deal cards from the bottom of the race, economic, social and religious deck.

The studies, contracts, surveys, projections, money, etc. were done at a 3rd grade level and do not address the real issues. I am ashamed to be associated with such low level mentality. The credibility and future of UAB and Birmingham have truly been jeopardized. Damaged humanity cannot be measured. The recent rah rah rallies, marches, meetings, etc. are good for the spirit and the participants are to be commended. In reality they have no affect on the criminals or those with authority to solve the problems.

The criminals never envisioned our fantastic university and city as it is today. Their egos have been dulled and they may lose their cash cow. The criminals birthed UAB in 1969. Now they are performing an ugly abortion and would like to dump their problems into an incinerator.

The bills to be presented by Rep. John Rogers and Jack Williams are duplicates of bills that have failed in the past. The immoral and criminal management of UAB and Birmingham began circa the 10th birthday (1979) of UAB. The criminals thought they had created a red headed stepchild to simply nurture the cash cow graduate programs. UAB was by specific intent and design to be mediocre forever. The evidence is indisputable. The facts speak for themselves. Anyone that violated the “Planned Mediocrity” directives of the criminals were executed, i.e. the fired Presidents Hill, McCallum, Bennett, Reynolds and Dr. Carol Garrison.

The Free UAB movement basically began with the firing of President Hill. I have personally known all these wonderful leaders. My support of the movement is well documented. My resolve and motivation has grown for 30 plus years - a passion which demands my total focus and resources. I welcome the burden of proof, seek challenge and thrive on adversarial defeat and I will achieve justice.

A legitimate athletic program is a no brainer. It does not require a fraudulent study requested by the criminals. The results presented by the criminals are an ugly prevarication of the truth.

The absolute success of UAB Athletics cannot be disputed. A legitimate (3rd Grade) conclusion from the “Study” would mandate using a formula that adjusts the data based on its relationship to a program with meager resources and minimal support from all entities and the dictator applied “planned mediocrity”. Having applied legitimate academia the history of UAB Athletics is an absolutely amazing story of astronomical success!

The decision by the criminals as announced by Watts must be revoked immediately. The damage is done and the criminals should be prosecuted. Sanity can be restored by playing football in 2015. Legislative details must be expedited in the same manner as the execution. Constitutional law provides for the People to be in total control instantly and to institute what is best for the common good.

CUSA membership must be secured and protected. Coach and player contracts are to be acknowledged without question. In the words of Coach McGee, “We can win with what we have and when we win, we can demand what we need”.

Time is critical and delay is totally unacceptable. Any action to the contrary must be ignored, i.e. studies of “studies”, slow moving wheels of justice, cries of “I object” from criminals and self-serving leaders.

To maintain one iota of the status quo is an admission of criminal intent for personal gain.

I call for an immediate electronic vote of the Legislature to instill executive authority in the “study” of the “study” committee which is chaired by Wes Smith. Watts will continue managing UAB under committee tutoring. The electronic Senate will sever the power cord between UAB and UAT pending legislation to dismantle the System.

Naysayers are referred to the procedure by which the University of South Alabama was removed from the System overnight!

Politicians are referred to the 5th Amendment which allows for their immediate removal.

My family supplied milk to Hillman Hospital. My mother was an LPN. This family history begins my lifelong investment in UAB. The Jefferson County Legislative Delegation seated the Trustees and empower them in their criminal mismanagement of UAB. They have won this battle which I consider a personal defeat. The criminals won this battle - I will win the war.

T C Cannon
School of Social & Behavioral Sciences student and President of Hail Blazer Club

Blazers down the Dunkin' Dogs

haha dunk

Senior William "HaHa" Lee throws down a two-handed dunk during the Blazers 74-62 win over La Tech.
Photo by Lakyn Shepard/Photo Editor

Connor Gentry
Sports Editor

The UAB men's basketball team improved to 13-5 and 4-1 in conference play as they continued their 2018 campaign against the Bulldogs of Louisiana Tech University, 10-9 and 1-5 in conference play. The Bulldogs started the contest shooting the ball well and held a 40-39 lead over the Blazers after the first half. However, the Blazers rallied and won the contest 74-62 behind senior Chris Cokley's 24 points.

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Men's Basketball: Four score in double digits to lead Blazers to victory over Southern Miss


UAB junior guard Jalen Perry goes up and under against Southern Miss’ Josh Conley in the Blazers’ 86-75 win Thursday night in Bartow Arena.
Photo by Christopher Dennan/Staff Photographer

Savannah Snowden
Sports Reporter

In their first home game of 2018, the UAB men’s basketball team began with a pace that lasted until the end, ultimately defeating the Southern Miss Golden Eagles 86-75 to improve to 12-5 on the year and 3-1 in conference play.

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Beat by the heat: Ohio's hot start ends UAB's season with Bahamas Bowl loss

 MG 9767

The Blazers’ defense lines up against the Ohio Bobcats, led by quarterback Nathan Rourke, during the 2017 Bahamas Bowl in Nassau.
Photo by Will Harris/Sports Editor

Will Harris
Sports Editor

Two years in the making. Two years of patience, hard work and support paid off in a magical season for the 2017 UAB Football team. The winningest season at the FBS level felt like a dream and ended in paradise.  

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U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones visits campus

IMG 2876

U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones visits UAB Spencer Honors House Monday, Nov. 27.
Photo by Austin Simpson/Staff Photographer

Sufia Alam
Campus Editor

U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones visited UAB Spencer Honors House Monday, Nov. 27, to share his experiences as the prosecutor of the KKK bombers of the 16th Street Baptist Church as well as to campaign for this platform.  

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