Kristina Balciunate
Assistant Branding and Outreach Manager

Late April at UAB can only mean one thing: finals week is almost upon us. To help you prepare for long days and late nights of cramming for your exams, we've put together a list of places around Birmingham, both on and off campus, to make your studying a little more bearable.

INTO UAB at Sterne Library


If you have not yet seen the new study areas at Sterne Library, you are missing out. Modern, comfy and spacey are just a few words to describe the new study areas. The new couches, chairs and tables and the atmosphere in general seems to be designed to accommodate stressed students. There are also outlets within a three foot radius of any piece of furniture and even inside of some of the furniture. So pack your laptop and climb the stairs to the second floor to see for yourself if this was well worth the wait.

In front of the Hill Student Center


Just because finals are coming up, doesn’t mean you can’t catch up on some vitamin D. The tables in front of the Hill Student Center are fully equipped with both USB and regular outlets, so your gadgets, knowledge and tan will be fully charged.

Behind Spencer Honors House

honors house

This is definitely an underrated outdoor study spot. Being located right beside the Humanities Building and the Alys Stephens Center makes it the perfect outdoor spot between classes. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere can even make you forget that you are on campus. Tall trees cast a shadow over the tables and the sweet breeze flowing through the leaves relieve the stress of upcoming lab report deadlines.


2221 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N


Its location in the heart of Uptown makes Octane the perfect place to go if you feel like getting away from campus without leaving the city. Outlets can be found near almost every table. The windows are tall, which helps to clear the mind, especially if you have been stuck on that math problem for hours. The coffee is also affordable. An iced coffee will only cost you $2.75 and they’ll even give you a refill for just one dollar. If you enjoy relaxing to alternative/indie music dimmed in the background, leave your headphones at home, because that is provided. This is one of the few coffee shops in the area that is open as late as 10 p.m.

Revelator Coffee Company
1826 3rd Ave N Unit 101

Blanking on a chemistry question? Revelator will reveal the solution with its unique tasting coffee. Comfortable armchairs, reliable wi-fi and ambient alternative tunes equal a successful study session. UAB students also get a 10 percent discount on the coffee.

Red Cat
701 1st Ave S #101
2901 2nd Ave S #120

Outlets? Check. Fast wi-fi? Check. Good coffee? Check. These factors and the central location make Red Cat the perfect quick getaway from campus. The staff friendly, and there are enough tables to seat both you and your study group. The view of the park and city skyline is also a plus. They even serve quick, delicious and semi-exotic meals, such as turkey with hummus wraps or Greek spanakopita pies.

Birmingham Breadworks
2408 7th Ave S

bread place
The cute and quaint atmosphere paired with fast Wi-Fi, varied music from all decades and the smell of fresh bread makes this the cosiest place to study in Southside. A large cup of coffee is only $2.73 and most of the baked goods are under $5. So if you are a fan of baguettes, almond frangipanes and ham and cheese croissants, this is the perfect spot to memorize body parts for your anatomy test.

The Pizitz
1821 2nd Ave N

pizitz study
Studying makes us hungry, and The Pizitz is the perfect place to find yourself with a rumbling stomach. There are 14 different food stalls from all over the world, that serve quality meals that change your feelings about life. The Wi-Fi reaches you both inside the beautiful renovated building and outside in the gorgeous, rustic dining area.


Railroad Park
1600 1st Ave S

rr park
This is one of the few public areas that provides strong, readily available wi-fi. Tables and chairs are also provided. This is the ideal place to write that term paper while enjoying the sun, listening to children laughing and maybe even buying some nachos at the kiosk to reward yourself for all your hard work.

Rotary Trail
2098 1st Ave S

rotary trail 2 This hidden piece of wonder is perfect if you wish to isolate yourself from noise, but remain in an open environment. If you enter under the Magic City sign on busy 1st Ave South, you will suddenly find yourself in an oasis of calm and quiet. The park stretches for 0.2 miles, with benches and tables located at every 15 feet. Some of the benches are artistic and wavy, which is great if you like to sit unconventionally. There are also solar paneled powered outlets with cords to charge your phone or anything that can fit into a USB. If you want to get some quiet time with your books and papers outside to the sound of birds chirping, head down to the Rotary Trail.

Kristina Balciunate can be reached at asst.online@insideuab.com and on Twitter @KscopeKristina. 

All photos by Kristina Balciunate/Assistant Branding and Outreach Manager
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