Mugdha Mokashi will replace Fernando Colunga as USGA president. Photo courtesy of Mugdha MokashiMugdha Mokashi will replace Fernando Colunga as USGA president. Photo courtesy of Mugdha MokashiKristina Balciunaite
Online Reporter

Mugdha Mokashi, a junior in neuroscience on the fast-track program for a master’s in public health, was today announced the winner of the Undergraduate Student Government Association presidential election. Mokashi defeated contender Jimmeshia Wilder and will replace current USGA President Fernando Colunga, who did not seek re-election.

The weeks-long campaign finally paid off for Mokashi and her unopposed running mate for executive vice president, Siddhu Skrikakolapu. In response to her victory, Mokashi issued the following statement:

"I am so excited to take on this role. Fernando called me promptly at 8:02 AM and it felt absolutely surreal. First of all, I want to take this time to thank all of you for your support  not only during this campaign but throughout my college career. UAB and its various departments have given me so many opportunities to learn from an incredible and diverse group of people. I am so grateful for their investment of knowledge, time and friendship in me. For the students that did not know me very well or did not vote for me  I hope that I can spend my next year with USGA getting to know you all and addressing the issues you care about.

Overall, I feel very positive about this new administration’s ability to build on the work of our predecessors' and enact future change that is both impactful and important. During my time campaigning, I spoke to many student organizations and have a new list of great ideas to implement in addition to my platform. I am also very privileged to work with Siddhu — he was a very active senator and will make a terrific executive vice president. Together, we hope to make this next year as productive, transparent and formative as possible for our undergraduate students.Thank you all for choosing to #gobigwithmug&sid and electing me your 2017-2018 USGA President. Go Blazers!"

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