From the former staff members and editors of the UAB Kaleidoscope to the University of Alabama at Birmingham and her city

To the stakeholders invested in a better tomorrow for UAB, the City of Birmingham, Jefferson County and the State of Alabama, it is with great pride that the former editors and staff members of the UAB Kaleidoscope Student Newspaper thank you. It is important not to misinterpret this appreciation as a celebration. This is not a celebratory message. Far from it. There may come a time when the people working for a free UAB pause together and enjoy a success, but that time is not now. Nothing has been won. This is a call to action at this critical moment in the history of UAB and her city. But first, a thank you.

Thank you for your courage, passion, civic intelligence and resolve. Thank you for striking a spark. The torch of justice that blazes now on Southside will not be extinguished. You have spoken together as one body and one soul and you have been counted, and we thank you. It is because of you, the stakeholders for a better Birmingham, that the UAB Faculty Senate voted no confidence in the president of the university, and it is because of you that a burning light of guilt has been cast upon the long-corrupted University of Alabama System Board of Trustees. A diverse and beautiful mosaic of people united themselves in defense of an idea, and that idea grew into a movement, and this movement will bring about reform, and the former editors and staff members of the UAB Kaleidoscope thank you. For the fight in your hearts and for the perseverance that will be needed for future battles, we thank you.

To the football players who represented the university and the city with dignity, honor and pride, we thank you. To coach Bill Clark and his staff, who succeeded against all odds, including the clandestine and nefarious agenda of their own university president and the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees, we thank you.

To the current graduate and undergraduate students of UAB, thank you for rallying together behind a common cause. You have defended the future of a university when its own president would have you divided and its own Board of Trustees would welcome nothing more than your apathy. The faculty stands behind you; alumni stand behind you; the city stands behind you. The forging of a better future for UAB and her city begins with you, and we thank you.

To Carol Garrison, Ann Reynolds, Jenny Gauld, Ada Long, Scotty McCallum and the many legendary educators who have made UAB what is today and defended the university through the years and in one of its greatest hours, we thank you. It is with great hope that you will continue to defend your foundation of excellence when the moment of truth arrives.
To UAB softball coach Marla Townsend, a modern-day Gene Bartow, we thank you for your extraordinary courage, leadership and vision, and we hope that you would consider being the university’s next athletics director.

To former UAB athletics director Brian Mackin, we thank you for doing everything in your power to preserve your department. Your commitment to the future of UAB has been noted.

In the fighting spirit of Gene Bartow, we thank every supporter of the university, especially those whose voices have been silenced by the fear of reprisals, and now call for ALL STAKEHOLDERS with an interest in the future of UAB to WITHHOLD ALL MONETARY DONATIONS for the current fundraising campaign until UAB President Ray Watts reinstates the football, bowling and rifle teams.

To the elected public servants who have defended the interests of their citizenry, we thank you, and we ask that you now focus your energy on reforming the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees. The University of Alabama System Board of Trustees is a self-appointed oligarchy that uses political connections, intimidation tactics and considerable wealth to operate public institutions of higher education like a drug cartel or crime syndicate. The manipulation of this state by a select few has been allowed to embarrass Alabama and stunt its growth for far too long. No less than sweeping reform of the legislation that empowers this corruption must be introduced and voted into law to protect the future of this state. A strong UAB is a strong Birmingham and a strong Birmingham is a strong Alabama. UAB must be allowed to reach its full potential, and that will not happen under the current system of control. If adequate reform cannot be achieved, then a complete split of UAB from the System must be considered.

To members of the media both in Birmingham and nationally who have exposed corruption both at UAB and within the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees, we thank you. Please continue your work on this most important matter. You are championing the interests of a university, city and state with your demand for transparency, accountability and justice.
To the Faculty Senate, thank you for demonstrating the type of leadership stakeholders in UAB demand. The former editors and staff members of the UAB Kaleidoscope request now a formal investigation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools into the decision made by President Watts to end UAB football, bowling and rifle. The vote of no confidence in President Watts delivered by the UAB Faculty Senate was a vote of no confidence in the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees. President Watts did not make these decisions alone, and an independent review by SACS into the mismanagement of UAB, and the involvement of the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees is now required.

To President Watts, shame on you, but thank you for being the lightning rod that was needed to energize a movement and expose the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees for what it is, a disease of arrogance and unchecked corruption. Lastly, the former editors and staff members of the UAB Kaleidoscope beg President Watts to remain in office. This is counterintuitive, but not counterproductive. It takes an uncommon foe to start a revolution.

Scott Adamson (Kaleidoscope sports editor 1981-82, managing editor 1983)
Steven E. Chappell (Kaleidoscope editor 1990, adviser 1993-1997)
Michael E. Baswell (Kaleidoscope sports editor 1990, diversions editor 90-91)
Wendy N. Fort (Kaleidoscope news editor 1990, managing editor 1991, columnist 1991)
Kelly Council (Kaleidoscope editor 1991)
Wendy Gardiner (Kaleidoscope sports writer, news reporter, photo editor 1991-1993)
Kenneth Pate (Kaleidoscope editor, 1993-94)
Tim Stephens (Kaleidoscope sports editor, 1991-94, editor-in-chief 1994, news editor 1995)
Wayne E. Morrissette (Kaleidoscope editorial staff, 1992-1996)
Joseph Goodman (Kaleidoscope editor-in-chief 2000-2001)
Ashley S. Patriarca (Kaleidoscope editor-in-chief 2001-2002)
John Bednarowski (Kaleidoscope sports editor 2001-03)
Jason Cannon (Kaleidoscope news editor 2002, editor-in-chief 2003)
Jennifer Crossley Howard (Kaleidoscope news writer 2005-06, features editor 2006-07)
Mona Wedad (Kaleidoscope editor-in-chief, 2007-08; managing editor 2006-07)