Fast Track Programs

Our fast track programs help you earn both an undergraduate and a master’s degree in just five years, moving you along your particular path and getting you ahead of the crowd.

  • 3-2 Program in Occupational Therapy

    If you already know your future is in occupational therapy, there’s no reason to wait eight years to get there.

  • Fifth-Year Master's in Biology

    In the Fifth Year Master's in Biology program, students earn a bachelor's and master's in a total of five years while working closely with a faculty mentor.

  • Fast Track Master's in Accounting

    The Fast Track Master of Accounting program in UAB's School of Business is open to high-achieving undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor's degree in accounting.

  • Fast Track Master's Programs in Engineering

    UAB's School of Engineering offers motivated students the opportunity to earn both their bachelor's and master's in five years in programs in these areas of engineering: biomedical, civic, electrical, materials and mechanical. 

  • Fast Track Program in Mathematics

    Students in the UAB Fast Track in Mathematics program navigate through an accelerated curriculum that enables them to complete both their undergraduate and master's degrees in four to five years.

  • Fifth-Year Master's of Public Health (MPH)

    As a field, public health has the power to shape society and civilization. The Public Health Fast Track MPH program gets you there sooner, helping you earn your master’s degree in public health in just five years.

  • Fifth-Year Master's in Computer and Information Sciences

    The Fifth Year Master's in Computer and Information Sciences enables superior students to complete their bachelor's and accelerate their progress toward a master's degree—and, along the way, to receives benefits such as lab space and funding.

  • Accelerated Masters in Nursing Pathway (AMNP) Program

    The AMNP is for second-degree students. An accelerated curriculum prepares AMNP students to take the Registered Nurse licensure examination after three semesters. Students work full-time as RNs while they continue in the MSN course work part-time.