Outgoing Students

So you’re a UAB student and you want to study away.  How do we make this happen?  

First, determine if you’re eligible.
To be eligible to apply for study away you must:
  • have at least 30 semester hour credits completed at UAB before study away program begins
  • have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75
  • be an enrolled UAB student
  • be in good disciplinary standing
  • (Students may appeal to the Director of the UAB Office for Study Away for a possible exception to the eligibility criteria.)  

Second, research study away options.
Make an appointment with a UAB Study Away Peer Counselor by emailing studyaway@uab.edu.  A Peer Counselor can help you think through preliminary questions such as:
  • in what country do you want to study?
  • in what type of place do you want to be (big or small city, coast or mountains, well-traveled or off the beaten path)?
  • how long do you want to study away (semester, year, or summer)?
  • in what type of housing do you want to live (residence hall, apartment, home-stay, etc.)?
  • what classes do you want to take (core curriculum, major requirements, minor requirements)?  
  • in what language(s) do you want to take courses?
  • do you want an independent program or one that is more all-inclusive?
  • what is your budget and how will you be funding study away?
  • on what type of program do you want to study?

The Peer Counselor will introduce you to the UAB Study Away program listing and application website where you’ll do additional research after your meeting.

Exploring your options with the Peer Counselor is the exciting start to your unforgettable adventure.

Third, meet with your academic advisor.  
Make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss what courses you have remaining in your degree program and which courses would be good candidates to take while studying away.  With your academic advisor, plan out how study away will fit into your progress toward your UAB degree.

Fourth, apply to your selected program(s) and scholarships.
Using the UAB Study Away application website, apply to your selected program(s).  (In some cases, you may apply for a first choice program and a backup in the case you’re not selected for the first choice).
Apply at this point for study away scholarships.  

Fifth, meet with the UAB Study Away Coordinator.
Make an appointment with the UAB Study Away Coordinator, by emailing studyaway@uab.edu, to pick out courses you will take while studying away and to begin the process for getting credit toward your UAB degree.  You’ll also discuss details of your particular program and get answers to any additional questions you may have at this meeting.