Policies and Procedures


To be eligible for study away you must meet the following requirements:
  1. You must have at least Sophomore Standing (30 semester hours completed).
  2. You must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 (However, some programs may allow you to participate if you have a lower GPA. If this is the case, we will waive our minimum GPA requirement in favor of your program's GPA requirements.
  3. You must have met with the Study Away Office for approval of your study away credits.

Academic Credit

Study Abroad Grading Policy for Catalog of Undergraduate Programs


Auditing of any UAB Study Abroad approved classes/courses/programs will not be permitted. This policy has been put into effect to ensure full participation by all students on such approved programs. This policy includes faculty-led, 3rd party, and reciprocal exchange programs.

Grade Assignment and Posting of Study Abroad Grades to the UAB Transcript:

For those programs in which a UAB faculty member is teaching a class, the faculty member/instructor will assign the final grade as is normally done for any regular UAB class taught on campus. See the Grading Policies and Practices section of the UAB Catalog of Undergraduate Programs.

In most cases letter grades shall be assigned. Assignment of a pass/fail grade will be left to the discretion of the faculty leader/instructor of the course and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

In all cases, students must participate fully in all course activities and meet all stated course requirements. In cases where a student is receiving final grade evaluation from a foreign institution, UAB will honor the U.S. equivalent of the final grade that is assigned by that host institution and posted to the official transcript of said host institution. If a foreign institution assigns a pass/fail grade on the official host institution transcript, then the UAB transcript will reflect such a pass/fail final grade.

Download Forms

  • Course Evaluation Form (DOC) - This form must be used to finalize Study Away course equivalencies to UAB courses.
  • Financial Aid Consortium Agreement (PDF) - This form must be used in order to have any Federal Financial Aid monies (Pell Grant, Loans, PACT, GI Bill, etc.) or UAB Scholarship monies disbursed to you.