Traveler's Insurance

Study Away Traveler's Insurance...because the only thing you should worry about is making the most out of your UAB Study Away experience.

The UAB Office for Study Away is always working to improve the UAB-related travel experience for UAB students and those UAB faculty/staff members traveling with UAB students. Effective in 2013 we have added a feature to our study away program that provides travel accident insurance coverage for all UAB-related international travel for faculty, staff, and students traveling on a program defined as Study Away per the UAB-related Foreign Travel Guidelines.

Any UAB student or student group, graduate or undergraduate, undertaking UAB-related foreign travel must register with the UAB Office for Study Away. This applies to students (and any faculty/staff member traveling with students) participating in designated UAB Study Away programs.

Study Away is defined as any academically-grounded, university-related activity undertaken by UAB undergraduate or graduate students and the faculty/staff members who are traveling with them. These activities include, but are not limited to:
  1. Any course of study for which academic credit is received and transferred to UAB at a UAB Office for Study Away-approved domestic or overseas institution.
  2. Research for which academic credit is received and transferred to UAB that is conducted at a domestic or foreign institution approved by the UAB Office for Study Away, UAB Office for Undergraduate Studies, or a UAB academic department.
  3. Service Learning for which academic credit is received and transferred to UAB. This includes internships, volunteerism, shadowing, clinical rotation, and observations.
  4. University-sponsored student activities that take place overseas that are either credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing (e.g., conferences paid for by UAB funding sources, Outreach Abroad, Outdoor Pursuits, artistic performances, or athletic activities).

The per-person premium for this travel accident insurance policy is $40 per month overseas. Travel Accident Insurance coverage and travel-related services are provided by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). This coverage is provided for all UAB-related student group travel outside the United States. The coverage is "short term emergency assistance" and is not intended to take place of major medical/hospitalization insurance. Please also note that the coverage applies only while on UAB-related travel and may not extend to events occurring while on extended personal "side trips."

For those programs managed by the UAB Office for Study Away, the cost of the insurance for students is built into the Study Away program fees. Effective January 1, 2013, the CISI program also covers the faculty, staff, advisors, sponsors and other non-student participants of study away programs. There are two options available to pay for the cost of this new benefit. The cost can be built into the fees collected from students and forwarded to the UAB Office for Study Away or the premiums can be funded by the department in which case the UAB office for Study Away will send a separate invoice to the department. Please contact the UAB Office for Study Away for more information about billing options. Insurance coverage includes emergency evacuation, medical expense coverage and other benefits outlined in the policy.

Students and their leaders, advisors and other trip participants may opt out of the CISI coverage if they have purchased, personally, another travel insurance policy that provides equal or superior benefits. If you wish to request this waiver, please submit alternate Traveler's Accident Insurance policy information the Office for Study Away. Once you have submitted your Foreign Travel Form and it has been approved, you will receive an email with information about your enrollment in this Traveler’s Accident Insurance plan. From that point, you will be able to:
  • Print your insurance ID card;
  • View/print the policy brochure, claim form, and applicable consulate letters;
  • Find embassy-recommended doctors and country-specific information through the "Resources and Links" page;
  • Research up-to-the-minute travel safety information through the "Personal Security Assistance" link.