Facility Policies & Procedures

Please review the current UAB Campus Rec's policies and procedures along with the current Rental Manual. Hoverboard's are prohibited in the Campus Recreation Center per UAB policy.


UAB Green Policies and Procedures

For more information on the UAB Green's usage and reservation availability please read it's policies and procedures. The Green is an open green space designed to be accessible, safe, attractive, and to be used by members of the University community and their guests.

The Green is defined as the grassy area bounded by sidewalks, which include University Boulevard, the Campus Recreation Center and steps, Heritage Hall, Chemistry Building, Dining Commons, Camp Hall and 10th Avenue South.

The Green is part of the centuries-old tradition in higher education: the provision of a peaceful, open-air area for thoughtful contemplation and social interaction. The UAB Green has been part of campus since 2008. It is the University’s “crossroads” and will be the site for many fond memories for future generations of alumni, as well as enjoyment for all current students.

Want to reserve the green? Check out the Green Reservation Form!