Leadership & Service Council

The UAB Leadership and Service Council (LSC) exists to promote civic engagement by providing service opportunities for UAB students.

Leadership & Service Council Committees

  • Executive Director

    The Executive Director provides guidance and support for all council programming, and serves as an ex-officio member of each committee. In order to apply for the role of Executive Director, a student must have served on the council in another capacity for at least one year.

  • Monthly Service

    The Monthly Service Committee is responsible for coordinating bi-annual volunteer fairs, in addition to other monthly service events for UAB students.

  • Ongoing Service

    The Ongoing Service Committee is responsible for coordinating and facilitating ongoing service opportunities for UAB students.

  • Social Change

    The Social Change Committee is responsible for coordinating Breast Cancer Awareness Week in October and Hunger and Homelessness Week in November, in addition to other events that promote positive social change.

  • Public Relations

    The Public Relations Committee is in charge of all LSC public relations campaigns, in addition to managing the council’s social media presence.

  • Signature Service

    The Signature Service committee is responsible for coordinating the Into the Streets Day of Service once per semester and the MLK Day of Service in the spring semester.

  • Civic Engagement

    The Civic Engagement Committee is responsible for creating programs that enhance the ties between our university and the community. They are responsible for coordinating the Birmingham 101 series and the planning of the University's Alternative Spring Break trip(s).

2017 Leadership and Service Council Members

Myah Morton

Executive Director

Sarah Holifield

Committee Director, Social Change Committee

Lisa Ogbonna

Social Change Committee

Maria Cruz Castro

Social Change Committee

Jeremy Blackmon

Social Change Committee

Ola Idowu

Committee Director, Public Relations Committee

Rachel Malone

Committee Director, Ongoing Service Committee

Ariel Hughes

Ongoing Service Committee

Uchenna Elike

Ongoing Service Committee

I’Mon Washington

Ongoing Service Committee

Ambria Davis

Monthly Service Committee

Kaytlin Peterson

Monthly Service Committee

Akshar Patel

Committee Director, Signature Service Committee

Kedarius Ingram

Signature Service Committee

Amethyst Stewart

Signature Service Committee

Ashley Kroeger

Signature Service Committee

Renuka Srivastava

Signature Service Committee

Sarah Owens

Committee Director, Civic Engagement Committee

Travoris Cameron

Civic Engagement Committee

John Cross

Civic Engagement Committee

Auriel Thompson

Civic Engagement Committee

Applications for LSC will be posted on BSync in the beginning of the Spring semester. All individuals who complete the application will be invited in for an interview. Decisions will be made and the new council will be announced around mid March.