Activities & Organizations

Experts recommend two hours of studying for every hour spent in class. Doctors recommend eight hours of sleep a night. That leaves 67 hours to sit around and get bored—or to get out and do something exciting and entertaining with UAB’s student activities and organizations.

  • UAB Spirit UAB Spirit

    Have you ever painted yourself green in preparation for a game? Have you ever wanted to? Of course you have. Now’s your chance. Or lose the paint and wear a band hat with one of those fuzzy things instead.

  • Athletics Athletics

    Students get in free to all UAB home games—which is awesome, because there are a lot of home games, and you’ll want to see them all.

  • Student Media Student Media

    Get involved, get your byline (or your voice) out there, share your views, and make your mark on campus—and beyond campus—with UAB’s active and respected student media.

  • Greek Life Greek Life

    Networking. Leadership. Service. Lifelong friendships. Secret handshakes. (We’re pretty sure about that last one.)

  • Student Activities Council Student Activities Council

    Want to plan a concert, Homecoming or a festival on the Green? Come check out Student Activities and get involved with the behind the scenes plans of our major campus events.