2016 Pave the Way

For only $100, you can reserve your place in this facility’s history by purchasing a paver to be included in a common area of the new building. A limited number of pavers are available. All proceeds will benefit the USGA Student Emergency Loan Fund to assist students in need.

Complete the online form to order your personalized paver.

Order Paver

Sample inscriptions are included for your reference. Please note the limit on characters.

Alumnus Name
Class Year
Honoring Faculty
Donor Name
Staff Name
Year - Year

UAB reserves the right to review and reject, in its sole discretion, any brick inscription that it deems is not consistent with its mission and purpose as well as inconsistent with the University’s best interest.

For more information, contact Cara Dawn Jones, Director, Student Involvement & Leadership at 205-934-8020 or caradawn@uab.edu