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Are you ready for college? Because we’re ready for you.

We know you’re ready for college. It’s exciting because everything is new—new friends, new classes, new opportunities, and the college environment itself is new. (And trust us, UAB offers a college environment that is quite definitely unique unto itself.)

But all new means a lot to learn, right? Not to worry – we’re happy to help you sort through all the stuff you need to know. And while there’s a lot of it, you don’t need to know it all at once, and plus that’s what we’re here for. We’ll get you to the information you need and make sure you learn about all the great things you didn't even know to ask about. Because we’re cool like that.


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Why UAB?

Because from the very beginning, UAB has been doing its own thing – in its own strong, exciting and very forward-thinking way.  Because it’s the kind of university that isn’t satisfied with excellence in just one area, offering opportunities for achievement across all disciplines – and cool places to study, work and live. And because best of all, UAB students are not like everyone else. Just like you. So maybe there's no question at all.

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icon125_mergeIf you're looking for a top-notch science education in classroom, lab, and clinic, you should definitely look at UAB. And if you're not the least bit interested in science and prefer to explore the human condition, you also should look at UAB. If you want to step off campus into culture, entertainment, shopping, and some pretty great coffee, UAB. If you want to stay on campus and find those things anyway, UAB. If you're looking for a solemn, tweed-jacket-wearing, glaring-at-you-over-his-glasses professor like you see in the movies, maybe elsewhere. But if you're looking for the education and fun and life-changing experiences—we're looking for you. 

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Distance Learning and Online Degrees


UAB AcademicsWhen it comes down to it, you’re coming to college for an education.

There’s no denying that the culture and athletics and student life are great (and very important), but, in the end, you’re looking for a degree and a plan for the future. Conveniently, UAB happens to have all of those things – except for the plan, which we can help you build yourself. We offer 49 majors and a bunch of minors and concentrations to suit your preferences, including a few that you can’t find anywhere else in the state, or even the region. And you definitely can’t find our top-notch, field-tested, nationally renowned, actually-really-nice-in-person faculty anywhere else in the state. Mostly because, well, they’re here.

If you’re looking for an even more enhanced curricular experience, check out our UAB Honors College.


Welcome mat
There’s a lot you can learn about UAB from our website, but experiencing UAB in person will give you so much more.

Tour campus. Tour the city. Meet a few professors, talk with current students, have a meal at the dining commons, and explore the community you’ll live in when you’re a Blazer.

We’re really fun to hang out with.

Paying for College


College may look like an expensive undertaking.

OK, college is an expensive undertaking. But UAB can give you a world-class education and an unforgettable college experience at a fraction of the price. We’ve been named one of America’s “Best College Values” by the Princeton Review, because that’s what we are: A great college value. One of the best, actually. In America. And on top of that, UAB hands out money—about $100 million in scholarships and financial aid every year. Check out all of your options to make an already-affordable UAB education that much more accessible.

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Campus Life

icon125_pennantSure, you’re at college for an education, but that hardly stops at a degree.

A college education involves the whole college experience, whether you’re reading in class, working in the lab, discussing brilliant ideas in a coffee shop, expanding your horizons out in the community, climbing the walls at the Rec Center, or napping on the Campus Green (which isn’t all that educational but certainly is refreshing). We’re a big campus that feels like a small campus, so you’re not going to run out of student groups, activities, and opportunities before you run out of hours in the day. Just remember to take time out to breathe.


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UAB Accepted StudentsIf you’ve been accepted to UAB, that’s awesome! We told you you’d make it. 

There are just a few steps left before you join the Blazer community.


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