Jacquelyn Farasat, M.Ed

Admissions Counselorjacquelyn-farasat

How would you describe UAB in one word?

Diversity- UAB is a wonderful combination of diverse cultures, programs, and opportunities.

What made you decide UAB was the fit for you?
Touring the campus was the number one factor in swaying my decision towards UAB. I was so impressed by the friendly, community feel and with the accessibility and willingness of the professors to meet with me. I discovered that the professors are not only professionals at the top of their fields, but they are also great teachers who care about the success and well-being of their students.

What is the #1 tip you would give to an incoming student?
Become involved in student organizations on campus. Either find one that aligns with your interests or major or create one. Involvement in student organizations cultivates communication and leadership skills and enables you to establish both professional and social connections with peers ( I met my best friends through student organizations). Furthermore, involvement in student service and volunteering organizations are mutually beneficial. What better way to build your resume than to find an activity that you enjoy that helps others?!

What are your favorite places on campus to spend your free time?
Our 25 million dollar recreation center which has all the amenities you could possibly dream of, 2) the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center which features acclaimed performers from all over the world as well as our own students, 3) the tennis courts, and 4) the Campus Green- I love the energy and vibrancy of the Green! While there, you can see students having fun and engaging in all sorts of activities together such as soccer, ultimate frisbee, picnicking, and even studying or napping under a shady spot out in the fresh air.

What is the origin of your name?
My husband is Persian/ Turkish. I told you I LOVED diversity! ;-) The name means "high achieving." UAB has certainly helped me helped me on my journey to achieving my dreams and to fulfilling my highest potential, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to support students along their journeys.
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