Paying for College: Alabama Residents


College may look like an expensive undertaking.
OK, college is an expensive undertaking. But UAB can give you a world-class education and an unforgettable college experience at a fraction of the price. We’ve been named one of America’s “Best College Values” by the Princeton Review, because that’s exactly what we are: A great college value. One of the best, actually. In America.

  • Veteran Benefits Veteran Benefits

    You may qualify for Montgomery G.I. Bill benefits if you enlisted in the military as active duty or selective reserve status. Assistance is also available for children of veterans.

  • Active Duty Active Duty

    UAB recognizes that some of its students may receive active duty orders and that you may have questions about your enrollment.

  • Dropping courses Dropping courses

    Veterans are allowed to drop courses at UAB. However, this action results in an overpayment in the VA system, and you will incur charges from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. You are responsible for the charges.