“I never felt I had time,” says Valerie Gordon, head of cataloging, staff development and marketing at Lister Hill Library. “I always had young kids, but now they’re teenagers and I have a little more time — and a nice place to learn how to do it.”The place is here on campus at 850 8th Court South where 65 plots — all about 100 square feet — are tended daily by faculty, staff and students. Tomatoes, okra, squash, peppers and lettuce are just a few of the crops either burgeoning, well on their way to bearing fruit or, yes, struggling.

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karolina mukhtar200x163All species of plants, wild and cultivated alike, are subject to disease — a fact that can be devastating to an economy, wildlife and humans.

Plant diseases lead to reduced crop yields, decreased nutritional value and sometimes contaminated food and feed with toxic compounds. The result is millions of dollars in annual economic losses in the United States and tens of billions in losses worldwide.