University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) employees who utilize CommuteSmart helped make UAB number one in reducing vehicle miles out of 530 companies participating in Jefferson County and Shelby County.

Roadmap_sCommuteSmart offerings include ride matching, carpool, walking, biking, teleworking and vanpool services. UAB has partnered with this program since 2007.

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CommuteSmartCar288x192CommuteSmart worked with UAB to develop a tailored commute program that benefits the university and its employees. Monthly vanpool costs are approximately $120 per person; the option saves wear and tear on personal cars, reduces air pollution and saves members money on parking. UAB also provides incentives for those who sign up to participate in the program: reserved parking spaces for three or more riders, a passes to drive to work separately once per month and split costs for parking. 

Other incentives from CommuteSmart include a cash award of up to $120 for the carpool and gift cards each quarter. Participants also are guaranteed a ride home in case of an emergency. All UAB employees have to do is form a three-person carpool, ride together three days a week and log their clean commutes at to get started.