UAB Public Spaces

A current state handicap placard or tag must be present on any vehicle parked in a public handicap space.  This includes metered spaces, public decks, and any area that is not identified as requiring a UAB permit. 


UAB Facilities Requiring a Permit 

Handicap spaces are located in each parking facility.  State of Alabama temporary and permanent handicap placards/tags are used to register for employee handicap spaces and must be displayed, along with the appropriate facility permit.  The same applies to student lots, however, we do honor other state handicap permits in student facilities.

For more information on applying for handicap parking at the Jefferson County Department of Motor Vehicles, click here.


Registering To Use A Handicap Space

For a UAB permit to be valid in a handicap space, the permit has to display a special handicap credential.  When applying for a parking permit, the individual must show their State of Alabama temporary/permanent handicap permit, along with the registration receipt in their name.  This type of credential can be applied for on-line, however, the delivery of the permit will be delayed by the length of time it takes to confirm the registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles.  For faster service, please stop by our office to arrange for handicap parking.