The many lives of Princess Leia, Anne Boleyn, and Beyoncé
By Josh Beech and Charles Buchanan
The Constant Gardeners
Two plant biologists dig for discoveries to protect crops worldwide
Story by Brett Bralley • Photography by Steve Wood
Fire and Ice
Hockey club wins respect while scoring victories
By Emily Krawczyk • Photos and video by Jeff Myers, Laura Thomas, and Steve Wood
The Power of One
Precision medicine unlocks the answers inside you
By Matt Windsor and Charles Buchanan • Illustrations by Christopher Davis • Photos by Steve Wood • Web design by Tyler Bryant
The Ethics of Genetics
What will you do with my sample?
By Matt Windsor • Photo by Steve Wood
UAB finds hope amid the opioid crisis
By Erin Shaw Street • Photos by Steve Wood
Strength of Spirit
Tough training and a love for UAB lift cheerleaders and Golden Girls
By Cary Estes • Photos by Jimmy Mitchell/UAB Athletics • Historical photo courtesy of UAB Archives
Paper Trail
The Kaleidoscope marks 50 years of reporting the news
By Clair McLafferty • Photos by Kenzie Greer • Historical images courtesy of UAB Archives
Second Language, First Priority
Students learn how to teach English everywhere
By Gail Allyn Short • Photo by Steve Wood
Starting Small
Unique internship grows careers and companies
By Rosalind Fournier • Photos by Steve Wood
Casting the Net for Crooks
Undergraduates fight on cybercrime’s front lines
By Josh Beech
All Smiles
Mark Abere is on a mission to help patients look and feel better
By Kelley Freund • Photo by Steve Wood
Lifting Up Leaders
Health-care executives recall their UAB roots
By Carla Jean Whitley • Illustrations by Chiharu Roach
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