Solving the mysteries of fibromyalgia could help patients break free
By Sarah C.P. Williams • Illustration by Anna Zoladz '16 • Photos by Steve Wood
Lessons for a new generation of entrepreneurs
By Gail Allyn Short • Photos by Steve Wood
One of America's most-wanted careers could help fill health care gaps
By Tara Hulen • Photo by Steve Wood • Infographics by Ron Gamble
Blending creativity with technology to wow clients and employers
By Rosalind Fournier • Photos by Steve Wood
Dental students crisscross Alabama to learn and serve
By Nancy Mann Jackson • Illustration by Ron Gamble
Mark Ingram forges a future for the Blazers
By Charles Buchanan • Photos by Steve Wood
Music students take notes from Birmingham's jazz history
By Bart Grooms • Illustration by Ernie Eldredge • Photo by Steve Wood
Tina McKeon's journey from the lab to the law
By Lisa C. Bailey • Photo by Steve Wood
C. Ann Gakumo shines a light on health literacy
By Charles Buchanan • Photo by Rob Culpepper
Jason Aaron plots paths for the universe's greatest heroes
By Matt Windsor • Aaron illustrations by Tim Rocks
Students take part in solutions for prison overcrowding
By Tara Hulen • Illustrations by Anna Zoladz
Art class brings science into the studio
By Charles Buchanan • Header illustration by Hannah Rettig
Creative approaches to healing inspire patients and clinicians
By Charles Buchanan • Photos by Steve Wood and Nik Layman • Videos by Jeff Myers, Andrea Reiber, and Steve Wood
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