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UAB’s dynamic living and learning environment inspires and nurtures achievement, social responsibility and enterprise. In this mecca of multiculturalism, a highly motivated student body examines, masters and expands traditional knowledge in the classroom, lab, field and communities they serve.

Students are drawn to the specialized courses and research opportunities of the UAB Honors College, which continues to produce Fulbright, Goldwater and Rhodes Scholars, and the Early Medical Professional Schools Acceptance Program, which guarantees admission to UAB’s schools of Medicine, Dentistry and Optometry. World-class programs include undergraduate degrees in neuroscience, public health, biomedical engineering and industrial distribution plus a rapidly growing number of online offerings.

In addition to faculty-mentored research, students also take part in active learning through service-learning projects in the community, study abroad and abundant co-ops, internships, teaching and clinical experiences.

See how we're preparing our students for the challenges of a new world economy.

  • Social Media Marketing

    New minor and graduate-level certificate explore how to turn social platforms into business tools

  • An Opportunity in Any Language

    UAB students are learning to speak the language of business, politics, and culture—which now often includes Chinese, Arabic, and Russian as well as Spanish. It’s an academic journey that has led to multilingual adventures from Asia to Alabama.

  • Global Perspective, Global Reach

    Students who want to help improve health care overseas can obtain the necessary knowledge and tools through the UAB School of Public Health's global health studies certificate program—and because it's entirely online, they can do it from anywhere on earth.

  • Winning Team

    In little more than a decade, UAB students have earned more than a million dollars in scholarship support. So what's the secret to earning the top awards? Here's a hint: Grades are not enough.

  • Spies Like Us

    While most computer security researchers try to imagine what cybercriminals are thinking, UAB's Nitesh Saxena, Ph.D., and his students are looking at computer users.

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