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UAB helped transform Birmingham into a nexus of medicine, business, research and development, and our partnership is cemented by a shared vision for better education, health and quality of life and a common belief we can establish Alabama as a progressive economic center that can change the world.

Our intellectual achievements are essential to that. The business of technology-transfer — moving basic research discoveries to the marketplace — contributes tens of millions of dollars to the state economy through product licensing and spin-off companies. And the business incubator Innovation Depot has helped its 92 tenant companies reach $1.4 billion sales during the past five years.

In short, our total annual impact is about $5 billion. That breaks down to a return of more than $20 in jobs and economic development for every dollar Alabama invests in UAB.

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  • Flow of Ideas

    Can graphic design save a river—and a region? UAB students are using their skills for good as part of projects to increase ecotourism around the state. 

  • Print Shop

    You never know what UAB researchers will carry around campus these days—pieces of a giant eyeball, a crime-scene footprint, or perhaps a tool for the space station. Each one came from UAB's 3D Print Lab, where machines use superheated plastic to transform digital designs into touchable, portable objects.

  • Network News

    Social media offers a great way for friends to keep in touch. Now universities are tapping into the network to find alumni with inDegree, a service developed by entrepreneurs in UAB's School of Business.

  • Good Company

    How does a simple idea evolve into the next Facebook or Amazon? It usually involves the help of someone like Matt Wright, a 2001 UAB business graduate who helps local entrepreneurs launch groundbreaking new companies.