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Students take part in solutions for prison overcrowding
By Tara Hulen • Illustrations by Anna Zoladz
Art class brings science into the studio
By Charles Buchanan • Header illustration by Hannah Rettig
Creative approaches to healing inspire patients and clinicians
By Charles Buchanan • Photos by Steve Wood and Nik Layman • Videos by Jeff Myers, Andrea Reiber, and Steve Wood
Steven Austad explores the science of aging
By Matt Windsor • Photo by Steve Wood
Virtual reality training for the real world
By Williesha Morris and Charles Buchanan • Photos by Steve Wood
Redefining literacy for Alabama families
By Nancy Mann Jackson • Illustration by Ernie Eldredge
Students explore solutions for hunger and food access
By Clair McLafferty • Photos by Steve Wood
UAB's newest Rhodes Scholar prepares for Oxford
By Jeff Hansen and Charles Buchanan • Photo by Steve Wood
AEIVA exhibition spotlights Andy Warhol treasures
By Shannon Thomason • Photos by Steve Wood
Quest for knowledge brings Dalai Lama to UAB
By Charles Buchanan • Photos by Steve Wood
Students volunteer for Dentistry Cares Day
By Anna Claire Conrad • Photo by Steve Wood
John Chancellor and the Student Alumni Society
By Charles Buchanan • Photo by Steve Wood
Faisal Shuaib and the fight against Ebola
By Nicole Wyatt • Photo by Steve Wood
Community-driven innovation gets a boost
By Javacia Harris Bowser • Photos by Steve Wood
A new trial could change the course of diabetes
By Tyler Greer, Jeff Hansen, and Charles Buchanan • Photo by Steve Wood • Video by Laura Hannah, Jessica Huffstutler, Andrea Reiber, and Matt Windsor
Business scholars develop smart solutions for Birmingham's growth
By Gail Allyn Short
Military veterans take a fast track to nursing careers
By Rosalind Fournier • Photo by Steve Wood
A UAB legend makes his mark on Mars
By Charles Buchanan • Wdowiak photo by Steve Wood
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