To submit an Intellectual Property Disclosure (IPD), please complete an IPD Form. The IPD Form is provided below in PDF format.

Click the appropriate link to complete the form.

Please note that you must print out the completed document and obtain original signatures, then submit the completed form to The UAB Research Foundation (UABRF). UABRF can take no action on your disclosure until the completed form is submitted. If the document is received and is not complete, it will be returned requesting the missing data and/or signatures.

Click here to download IPD Form PDF format.

Click here to download Additional Signature Page IPD Form PDF format. 

Click here to download Additional Signatures Page RDA Form PDF format.

Important reminder:
The submission of an IPD does not constitute a patentable invention under United States Patent Law.

If you experience difficulty with the forms or have questions please notify the UABRF at RF Webmaster