• Oral Presentation Winners
  • Poster Presentation Winners

Arts and Humanities

First Place: Charlotte Boles
Second Place: Kayla Gladney

Biological and Life Sciences

First Place: Alexander J. Nelson, Robert N. Bone, Ying Gai

Service Learning

First Place: Aarin Palomares and Sean McMahon 

Education/Physcial and Applied Sciences/Engineering

First Place: David Chasteen-Boyd, Lily Deng, Dhruv Patel, Jeremy Vines, Amjad Javed,  and Shawn Gilbert

Social and Behavioral Sciences

First Place: Natasha Mehra, Cooper Bailey, Skylar McMahan, Meredith Schertzinger, and Kate Wesson Sides

Health Sciences

First Place: Perry Griffin, Gary R. Hunter, Marcas Bamman, Barbara A. Gower, and Gordon Fisher

Arts and Humanities

First Place: Kayla McLaughlin and Raizel Coiman
Second Place: Nayivis Cunill, Nicole Lassiter, Samantha McDonald, and Charli Tyree

arts secondplace









Third Place: Zach Walker, Samantha Richardson, Heather Robinson, Stephen Stark, and Raizel Coiman

arts thirdplace










Biological and Life Sciences

First Place: Sangeetha Rao, Kelly Walter, Landon Wilson, Alex Johnson, Bo Chen, David Graves, Subhashini Bolisetty, Stephen Barnes, Anupam Agarwal, and Janusz Kabarowski

biological life sciences firstplace









Second Place (Tie): Ying Si, Soojin Kim, Xiangqin Cui, Lei Zheng, Shin J. Oh, Tina Anderson, Mohammad AlSharabati, Mohamed Kazamel, Laura Volpicelli-Daley, Marcas M. Bamman, Shaohua Yu, and Peter H. King
Second Place (Tie): Ciara Duncan, Ryan James, and James McClinktock
Second Place (Tie): Emily Jennings, Inga Kadish, Ph.D., Dieter Willbold, Ph.D., and Thomas van Groen, Ph.D.
Second Place (Tie): Dylana Moore
Second Place (Tie): Chapelle Ayres


Business, Finance, and International Studies

First Place: Amanda Viikinsalo

business firstplace









Second Place: Rebecca Jurgens

business secondplace 













First Place: Jessica Blair, Emily Geiger-Willis, Eddie Cedeno, Van Sims
Second Place: Maggie A. Collier


Health Sciences

First Place: Angelica Chapman, Molly Laugner

health sciences firstplace












Second Place (Tie): Sung Joon Kwon, Nathaniel Lawson, Preston Peck, Kikita Bansal, and John Burgess
Second Place (Tie): Madison Bellew, Rachel Cummings, and Anna Petty


Physical and Applied Sciences

First Place: Luke McClintock, Yaomin Dal, Dimitry Yarotsi, Wanyi Nie, Aditya Mohite, Antoinette Taylor, and Rohit Prasankumar
Second Place: Sophie McVicar and Joanna Schmidt


Service Learning

First Place: Emily Quarato, Lauren Silverwood, and Matthew Strachan
Second Place: Anisha Das


Social and Behavioral Sciences

First Place (Tie): Jennifer Weikard
First Place (Tie): Natasha Mehra, Cooper Bailey, Skylar McMahan, Meredith Schertzinger, Kate Wesson Sides, and Jarred Younger
Second Place: Brennan Hickson, Brent Womble, and Edward Taub


Works in Progress

First Place: Anna Buie, Lily Deng, Soojin Kim, Ketan Awasthi, Will Mackin, and Dhaval Patel
Second Place: Regan Gaskin