UAB EXPO: An Exposition of Undergraduate Scholarship 2013





The 6th Annual UAB EXPO showcases the research and creative scholarly work produced by undergraduates in UAB programs ranging in science and technology to art and film-making. The Expo also provides a forum for students, faculty, and the UAB community to discuss cutting edge research and creative topics and to examine the connection between research, education, creative activities, and experiential learning. The Expo includes poster and oral presentation sessions by students from all academic disciplines and departments across the UAB campus.

All UAB undergraduates involved in research and creative activities are encouraged to apply and those not yet involved in research will discover that attending the Expo is a great way to learn about the broad range of opportunities available at UAB. In 2012, nearly 200 undergraduates participated in the Expo, with more than 350 people attending.

The 2013 Poster and Oral Presentation Sessions will be held on the morning of  Friday, April 26 from 8-12pm at the Campus Recreation Center

 Abstract Submissions

Deadline for applications has been extended until  March 21st at 5pm.
 - Students must submit theirs abstracts at the link below.


Click the link below to submit your abstract. You will be required to log in with your blazer ID and password. When modifying/submitting an Abstract please do not create a new submission form (unless you didn't submit a title application). Log back into the system, select your title submission, select edit at the top of the screen, and then add your abstract. Make sure you click save when finished. You will receive a confirmation email indicating you have successfully completed the form. Note: Some versions of Internet Explorer 11 are creating errors in SharePoint. Try using a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, or an older version of IE) to avoid errors.

Title Submission

Expo Final Oral and Poster Presentation Submissions
Due April 24 - Students must submit their oral and poster presentations (in ppt format). The submitted powerpoint is what will be used on the day of your presentation and saved to the Expo archives. Film presentations can be submitted on a DVD or a Flash Drive to Heritage Hall 527.


EXPO Schedule of Events

Keynote Speaker
Cynthia Ryan, Ph.D.
Cynthia Ryan, Ph.D., associate professor of English at UAB, teaches courses including scientific communication, magazine writing, writing and medicine, and engineering communication. Her research focuses on medical rhetoric, specifically the ways in which values and guidelines for healthy living are communicated to public audiences.

"The Way You Say the Things You Do": Research, Community, and Conversation in the 21st Century

Researchers from across the disciplines recognize the awesome responsibility they have to acknowledge and advance ideas in their chosen fields. How, though, do 21st Century communication technologies and conventions influence our ability to "say the things we do" to the right audiences through the best channels at the most appropriate times? Perspectives on this pertinent question will be the focus of the 2013 EXPO Keynote speaker.

Event                              Times                       Location
Registration                       6:45-7:45                  Campus Rec
Poster Judging                   8:00-10:45                Campus Rec
Poster Session
                Session 1          8:00-9:15                  Campus Rec
                Session 2          9:30-10:45                Campus Rec
Oral Judging                      8-10:45                     Campus Rec
Oral Presentations             8-10:45                     Campus Rec
Keynote Speaker               11:00-11:45               Heritage Hall 102
Awards Ceremony            11:45-12:30                Heritage Hall 102

Presentation Types


All posters should be 48" x 36" however the maximum size allowed is 60" x 40". The students and/or their Department will be responsible for the printing of the posters.

Students must submit digital copies of their posters to the office of undergraduate research by April 24th.

Poster Printing Options


All oral and film presentations are alloted 15 minutes. This includes 10 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions.

Projectors and Windows based computers will be available in all Oral/Film Presentation rooms. 

Students must submit digital copies of their oral or film presentations to the office of undergraduate research by April 24th.


1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded in each submission category. If you are a faculty member, graduate student, or postdoc and are interested in being a judge, click here



Guidelines for Presentations

Posters Presentations

Oral/Film Presentations


Poster Printing Options

Effective Presentation Slides


Februray 25 - Title and Application submissions Open.

March 16 - Applications and Titles Deadline at 5pm

April 4/5th - Poster and Oral Presenation Workshops 

April 5 - Abstracts Deadline at 5pm

April 20 - Practice Help Session for Oral and Poster Presentations (Student Led)

April 24 - Students must submit their oral and poster presentations (in ppt format). This submitted powerpoint is what will be used on the day of your presentation and saved to the Expo archives. Film presentations can be submitted on a DVD or a Flash Drive.

April 26 - UAB EXPO!

Any questions should be directed to

Thank you again for your time and participation!