Research Opportunities

The Office for Undergraduate Research lists research opportunities for both UAB and other institutions across the nation.

For UAB Research Opportunities, please visit DragonTrail Jobs from Career and Professional Devleopment Services to search for research opportunities.

You can also register for Undergraduate Research Courses. All of these courses have a strong research component associated with them.

In addition, you should talk with faculty you have courses with and fellow students. Plus, every departmental website has faculty listings that describe the faculty's work and provides their contact information. These are all good sources for finding research experiences. A few of the more helpful resources that list faculty and their research interest are found at the following sites:

Summer Research Opportunities

And remember, you can always contact the Office for Undergraduate Research to set up a meeting to help locate a research opportunity.

You can find Summer Research Opportunities all over the nation by using the search engine found at the Institute for Broadening Participation website.