Overhead Lab Student

Research activities, whether conducted in the field or laboratory, can pose unique hazards to researchers and their subjects. For these reasons and others, governmental regulatory agencies, funding entities, accrediting bodies, and other entities external to the UAB have established mandatory training requirements for persons involved with certain types of research.

Some of the required training focuses on ensuring that live research subjects, including humans or other vertebrate animals, are respected and not put in unnecessarily risky, stressful, or painful situations. Other required training, such as that regarding radiation hazards or bloodborne pathogens, is designed to ensure researchers understand the proper precautions needed to protect themselves during their work.

Students can access these trainings through the Faculty and Staff Learning System (FSLS) — all that is required is your Blazer ID. Simply use the keyword "Undergraduate Research Lab Training" in the catalog search bar. The search will display courses commonly required of students working in campus research labs. Displayed courses may not be required in all labs or additional courses may be required. Students should discuss training requirements with faculty mentors and can read more about safety programs and training at UAB Occupational Health and Safety.