USGA Profiles


Andrew Hayes
Andrew Hayes is the President of the Undergraduate Student Government Association. Andrew is a senior majoring in political science. Andrew’s major might make you think that inspired him to get involved in USGA – this is not the case.

Andrew told me about how he wanted to diversify his college experience and that USGA helped him find an interest to pursue as a freshman. “To sound cliché, the opportunity to meet new people and make a difference on campus [is what first interested me in USGA].” This interest in USGA grew into a passion for UAB as a whole and is eventually what inspired Andrew to run for President. The opportunities Andrew has to advocate to the UAB administration on behalf of the student body he so enjoys being a part of is an experience he is so grateful for.

“As President, I feel a connection to UAB unlike anything I could have imagined and I have truly enjoyed the experience so far.”

I asked Andrew what he hopes to accomplish as USGA President. He talked about the strength of the organization and how much good he believes USGA can accomplish when working together. At the end of his term, Andrew hopes to have solidified USGA’s influence on campus and USGA’s relationship with the administration. He believes this year has gotten off to a good start, but recognizes that USGA can still improve.

Andrew and I talked about life after college and he seemed open to suggestions. He has many ideas in mind as to what he would like to pursue, but has not set anything in stone yet. He says, “I don’t necessarily have a destination yet… I think that dreams and goals should both be flexible.”

Ali Massoud
The Vice President of the Undergraduate Student Government Association, Ali Massoud is a junior majoring in International Studies and minoring in French. As Vice President, Ali primarily serves as Chairman of the Senate, facilitating all Senate meetings. He says that is definitely his favorite part of the job – he loves collaborating with the Senators. Ali declares them to be “some of the best and brightest at UAB.” Another favorite part of his job? “I also delight in banging the gavel.”

Last year, Ali drafted a piece of legislation to commemorate former President Garrison for her decade at UAB. He was then bestowed a great honor when he was invited to present this legislation at her farewell reception. “This was a tremendous honor for me because she was an inspiration to so many students and one of the main reasons I came to UAB,” Ali says of the experience.

This year as Vice President, Ali has worked to implement proper Parliamentary Procedure in the Senate proceedings. When he attended Collegiate Legislature, he learned the procedure for debating bills and brought his new knowledge back to UAB. Ali says this has made Senate meetings more efficient and he hopes that this will help the UAB USGA Senate to have a better shot at winning Collegiate Legislature.

When discussing what attracted him to participate in the USGA, Ali excitedly articulated, “As someone with political predilections, I viewed USGA as a place to practice my passion with the pragmatic purpose of positively impacting my university.” After a pause, he said, “On an unrelated note, I love alliteration.”

In addition to his political inspirations for involvement in USGA, Ali hopes to one day work in international diplomacy as a United States Ambassador. Ambassadors are assigned to a new post every four years and Ali, who loves to travel, is working hard towards his goal of becoming one.

Ali’s interests are as varied and diverse as the three countries and four states he has lived in. Our USGA Vice President has had a film featured in Birmingham’s Sidewalk Film Festival, has walked in the city’s largest independent designer fashion show, and has interned for the city’s premier cultural institution – the Birmingham Museum of Art.

“Whether it’s film, fashion, or art, Birmingham makes my college a cynosure of culture.”