Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of the USGA consists of officers elected by the student body (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary); standing committee chairpersons as appointed by the President and approved by the Senate; Chief of Staff; and Division managers. This branch is responsible for overseeing the general operation of the USGA, and is the liaison between the Senate, Student Court, Student Body, and UAB administration.

Andrew and Ali
             President                       Vice President
      Andew Hayes            Ali Massoud

               Anjali Wagle
                              Chief of Staff
                      Anjali Wagle

Sam and Ethan
             Secretary                            Treasurer
   Samantha Turner            Ethan Tibbs

Brent and Tommy
Director of Student Affairs  Student Advocate 
      Brent Caswell             Tommy McRae
(For information on committees, refer to the “Committees” tab under the "Get Involved" section.)