Student Organization Funding

Each fall and spring semester, in order enrich campus life and the student experience, the USGA allocates a large portion of its budget to funding programs and events sponsored by Registered Student Organizations that will occur the following semester. 

For example, organizations apply for spring semester funding during the previous fall semester. 

To become a Registered Student Organizations, apply online through UAB's Student Organization Portal, BSync, at

Timeline: Budget Requests for Fall 2014

*         Budget Module on BSYNC Opens - February 17, 2014 (see instructions below)
*         Budget Hearings - March 3 & 4
*         Budget Proposal Finalized - April 1
*         Final Budgets sent out - Week after of April 7, 2014. 

The period for Budget Requests for Spring 2014 is now closed. Information for Budget Requests for Spring 2014 will be posted in April 2014.

Please Note: Organizations who are allocated money must submit receipts after the event and be reimbursed. Funds are not given to the organization directly.


Instructions on How to Submit a Budget Request

*         Use these step-by step instructions to prepare and submit your organization's budget request.

Reimbursement Instructions & Form
*         After your event, submit your request for reimbursement. UAB requires all documents to be hard copy, so this cannot be submitted online at this time. Please read the instructions carefully to ensure all required and proper documents are attached.

Request to Transfer Allocation Form
*         If you've been allocated funds, but would now like to use your allocation for another program or event, submit this form to request a change in your organization's allocation. Please be sure to receive an approved request before using funds for the new program or event.

W-9 Form - Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
*         Every Registered Student Organization must have a Tax ID (also known as the Employer Identification Number, EIN) generated from the IRS. At the time of the Budget Request, Organizations should submit a W-9 Form identifying the Tax ID number for the organization. If your organization does not have a Tax ID number, it may be requested and received online by following these instructions