Each year, a day is set aside and proclaimed by the governor as Higher Education Day in Alabama. It is a day for students, faculty, staff, and other supporters to visit Montgomery and take part in a huge Higher Ed Day Rally that allows rally participants to voice their support for higher education. With 3,500 plus attending the festivities each year, legislators and other policy makers have a real-life “visual” of the huge support coming from Alabama’s 15 public universities. In a relaxed setting over a free barbeque lunch, rally participants have the opportunity to advocate the importance of more funding for higher education face to face with policy makers. Without the needed funding in the Alabama colleges and universities, tuition will continue to rise and proration will occur.

More information for Higher Ed Day 2015 will soon be announced.

For more information, contact the STARS Coordinator, Jasmine Nelson, at jnels526@uab.edu.