Rally for a Stadium

Come out and show your support for an on campus stadium. The USGA is hosting a Stadium Rally in the UAB Minipark on Wednesday, November 16 at 6 pm. We will have speakers from the alumni and business communities, as well as the USGA President Brad Watts. State Representative Jack Williams will also be in attendance to show his support for bringing a stadium on the UAB campus. The Rally will conclude at 6:30 to give everyone time to walk over to Bartow and watch the Blazers Men's Basketball team take on Creighton.

6:00 p.m         Rally begins with music by Blazer Band and Spirit Groups (Fight song, All Hail Alma Mater)

6:05 p.m.        Introduction and Welcome-Brad Watts, USGA President

6:10 p.m.        Representative Jack Williams

6:15 p.m.        Justin Craft

6:20 p.m.        NAS Member  

6:25 p.m.        Caleb Jones, Andrew Hayes, Joshua Powell

6:30 p.m         Dismissal to Game and Wrap Up-Brad Watts, USGA President